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• 🥰 Ten Years 🥰 | Zhang Yao,Zhang YA Qin
Lin Yi Cheng came from a poor background and became a TV reporter as he wished after graduation. He was gradually and conscientiously the backbone of the television network team. He has certain principles and bottom lines, and has experienced various stories of youth along the way. He is very polite and responsible with a strong sense of self-esteem. Wang Ran, a high-IQ woman, a gold-digger, but also a self-made professional elite, was born into a poor family. Under her beautiful appearance, she is good at relying on beauty to obtain resources for herself and help her friends tear off the 'mask of men'.
In Lin Yi Cheng's journey of mutual encouragement and understanding Wang Ran, love creeps up quietly, but facing reality, he can only endure the pressure of life patiently and enjoy it. Also, because of Lin Yi Cheng's dedication and understanding to Wang Ran's life and work, she was deeply touched, but she was entangled between reality and ambitions.
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