(FREE) Drake Type Beat - No Feelings

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(Prod. Roki + Ripless)
BPM: 85
KEY: C Minor
INSTAGRAM: / beatsbyroki
WEBSITE: beatsbyroki.beatstars.com/
(FREE) Drake Type Beat - No Feelings
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@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
Purchase/Free Download: bsta.rs/93d82ba66 BPM: 85 KEY: C Minor
@MawahTelek 2 жыл бұрын
someone claiming to have created this beat and posted on his channel kzfaq.info/get/bejne/nt9gZKd53NrUf3U.html
@mehre11 2 жыл бұрын
Ye nigga Marciano beats😂
@a8abyy115 2 жыл бұрын
Where can i buy the expensive lease to own this beat.
@teofernandez2062 Жыл бұрын
Y pues pues yo yo si estoy aquí allá abajo de mi mi papá me dice bb
@Parrtyyxo 2 жыл бұрын
The fact that you put your time into making a beat and giving it away for free is lit 🔥 ✨ we thank you goat 💯
@daveflex8815 2 жыл бұрын
This is a whole vibe!! I’m loving the melody🔥🔥
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@skvnk__8220 2 жыл бұрын
that piano though 🔥🔥🔥
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@prodMAggs 2 жыл бұрын
inspiring quality!
@emxbeats2853 2 жыл бұрын
That vocal sample is mad🥶🥶🔥🔥
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@angelariggs4491 2 жыл бұрын
Feeling that beat straight to the heart
@babygnashsc2446 2 жыл бұрын
@coryharold4174 Жыл бұрын
This beat is so fire 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@4RESKO 2 жыл бұрын
Time fades Have faith Love god For lord sake Never doubt yourself Never doubt ya wealth Most importantly take care of your health There’s way more to life then them Gucci belts There’s way more to Christ just seek his help It’s ok to be afraid it’s ok your you So fuck everybody they don’t know what you been through Hold your head high Never let ya guard fall Cause one day you gone make it and we all gone ball! #lovegod
@babygnashsc2446 2 жыл бұрын
Ayee 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
@michaelgarcia3416 2 жыл бұрын
I want to sing this everyday these words just reminded and motivated me that I'm not making music for the fame or money doing it for the people who wish to see me reach my glory
@michaelgarcia3416 2 жыл бұрын
I had to subscribe you show respect no lie
@elijahguerrero5706 2 жыл бұрын
I’m not a Drake fan but I absolutely love what you did with this beat!! I’m currently writing a song in the name of Emmett Till to this beat, this beat can make peoples heart flutter with the right words. I’m a Mexican but nothing I’m more passionate about than equal rights for everyone, and with this beat I’m gonna share a deep story of America
@natashamorgan3893 2 жыл бұрын
I was just thinking about him
@Parrtyyxo 2 жыл бұрын
Not a drake fan ? Bruh u sleeeeepiiinnnn underground or some shit 💀 big birds big owls 🦉 🐐 wake up gang 6• 6•
@elijahguerrero5706 2 жыл бұрын
@@Parrtyyxo Nah, I won’t disrespect your taste in music dawg but personally I think Drake is trash. Then again I’m more about when music had deep ass meaning with Pac and Nas. But I’ll pass on any Drake music, I can’t get with it.
@zemnteyy 2 жыл бұрын
Uhh this is Hard 🔥🔥
@Dedication_music 2 жыл бұрын
vocals sound beautiful
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@donniemarshalljr 2 жыл бұрын
Absolute heat🔥🔥🔥
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
Sounds great 🔥
@DanMohlerJR 2 жыл бұрын
Just downloaded sample. I’m already pretty sure I’ll be purchasing. Thanks! Subscribed as well 💙💪🏼
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@thequench4622 2 жыл бұрын
You official bro 🔥🔥🔥. Definitely need to link up for a collab in 2022
@Jflow1 2 жыл бұрын
Fire Sound 🔥 🔥 🔥
@davidbowe1309 2 жыл бұрын
Wavey and inspirational 🌊🧛
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@unbeater 2 жыл бұрын
sheeeesh 🔥🔥 so beautiful
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
Appreciate it
@justjonas22 2 жыл бұрын
Beautiful man!
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
Thanks g
@ProdKillerRam 2 жыл бұрын
this a vibe
@jakebritain3595 8 ай бұрын
straight fire tho una
@BakiWho 2 жыл бұрын
man i cant wait to put this type of music into jrpg swear to god
@shaleensharma8883 2 жыл бұрын
Everyday I wake up with some hope I'm full insane, i know my shit is dope I wanna be a shinning star of this whole globe I thought life is fast cuz I was moving slow My everything is lost, my everything is stole I got nothing in my life except my lonely soul
@outrokuma 2 жыл бұрын
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@enceo808 2 жыл бұрын
u made me cry
@TheHomieChepps 2 жыл бұрын
Flames 🔥
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
Thanks 🙏
@tonyellison5829 2 жыл бұрын
New level of being cold hearted... Ain't it crazy how people change, and Leave ya mind wondering... At what moment did the feelings change... At what moment when you said "I love you too", started feeling strange... Life goes on... So I'll love again...
@Dawson-Wargin 2 жыл бұрын
Damn this is nice
@tonyellison5829 2 жыл бұрын
@aarong8933 2 жыл бұрын
The chronic brought me here…but I stayed for the juice.
@uurbancliquuebeats8160 2 жыл бұрын
🔥🔥🔥✌😎killed it
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@nicesr1469 2 жыл бұрын
Cold It’s cold outside go and grab yourself sweater It’s hard to survive standing up in this weather Stucc in my ways tryna keep myself together Do it for me and you to be better forever
@ayamo9049 2 жыл бұрын
Classic !
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@youngboyfuture 2 жыл бұрын
Dope bro
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@laytonmangrum1005 Жыл бұрын
Made brothera stand. Tall stand proud
@thirdlituation 2 жыл бұрын
Dropping to this bro Gotcha on the credits 🔥🔥🔥🔥✍🏾🎤🎨
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@awalgotvision 2 жыл бұрын
@@the6ix140 j. IMO. Oh M
@awalgotvision 2 жыл бұрын
Knh K I
@FreestyleBeats 2 жыл бұрын
very cool sound
@Charlescrow22 5 ай бұрын
🔥 This beat is straight fire! Love the energy and the catchy melody. Can you please let me know the BPM and the price for this beat? 🎶💰
@xbdbdbdbsbdb3065 Жыл бұрын
En conflit avec mon esprit, moi je rêve de liberté Tout ceux qui ressentent du mépris, au fond cachent une grande fierté J'me rappelle quand je kiffais la vie, je n'était qu'un ado Mes parents m'avaient bien dit qu la vie ne ferait pas de cadeau Le message était passé une fois que j'en étais conscient J'ai vu mon coeur se casser, j'l'utilise plus à bon escient J'ai des larmes qui révèleraient la noirceur de mon âme Le plus grand de mes secrets s'est embrasé comme une flamme Les apparences sont trompeuses, je le vois sur ton visage J'ai vu que les désillusions pouvaient l'être tout autant Les attirances sont nombreuses, elles se transforment en mirage Pour cicatriser toutes mes plaies, je laisserai faire le temps C'est pas insulter les autres qui te rendra ta dignité Rappelles toi à quel âge tu as perdu ta virginité On a tous des qualités qui complètent bien tous nos défaut Jsuis perdu,jsuis emmele j’dois démêler le vrai du faux
@generalcoupdeville654 Жыл бұрын
My guy... hmph! You something else! This so effn hot 🔥🔥 and Free? FAREAL? WOW! Million dollar beat💯
@cooljtoosaucy Жыл бұрын
God Loves You Remember That ❤️🙏🏾✝️
@TurkOfficial 2 жыл бұрын
im crush this 100%
@vapeach07 2 жыл бұрын
This beat is🔥 I'm working on a song with my two Sons left behind.. My Son Devon was killed a year ago on the 23rd of this month..I've vowed to keep his Memory Alive as I will love him forever❤️💯
@vapeach07 2 жыл бұрын
Rest In Peace Devon Carter❤️🙏🏾
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
I'm sorry for your loss
@grilledmusic4953 2 жыл бұрын
Tenia 1% de bateria y cuando escuche este beat de repente subio a 100%🔥🔥🔥
@heavyj..poverty9788 2 жыл бұрын
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@radekhoffman4881 2 жыл бұрын
I can imagine Drake using this beat. It will be fire!
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
For real
@6am_beats972 2 жыл бұрын
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@youngest_love7050 2 жыл бұрын
Nah man is my first time here and I got in my feels a bit with the beat, may I please use it, I’ll give you a shout out to show I acknowledge ur work fam
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
For sure bro
@moker4143 2 жыл бұрын
Không có cảm giác Như là trôi đi Anh có nhiều nước mắt đọng Trên đôi mi Keep it A$AP và mình lowkey Thứ mà ta muốn chính là money ! Ta mang bao
@moisavyy 2 жыл бұрын
where’s this pic from
@Ja-Mali 2 жыл бұрын
I promise y’all I’m going to the top! 🙏
@kyung3939 2 жыл бұрын
wake up
@Jflow1 2 жыл бұрын
🔥 🔥 🔥
@Sterliino Жыл бұрын
Otra dia que sigo herido y extraño tu piel si yo no te tengo yo no me siento al 100 Yo te herí bastante Y me duele también Diciendome que cambie Nunca lo pude hacer
@splat2273 2 жыл бұрын
Starts at :23 “ You had no feelings from the start” “ I put the d in raw bc too me you were like art” “I wish I really never even tried to play that part” “You were the perfect picture but left my canvas with some scars” “Even if we could, we knowing that we shouldn’t” “Saying that you can but showing that you couldn’t” (Shawtys voice) “I would take a bullet for you” “Then bein the one too pull it “ “People say life is too short” “But shawty swear she the fullest” “I’m not the jurist”
@lilbrwnie.2449 2 жыл бұрын
you such a curest things that you say but don’t do it i cant explain this pain thought that go round and round my brain about you baby abouut u nah cause when i’m vibing and you decide to come rolling through my memories it’s crazy drives me around like crazy
@MynSki123 2 жыл бұрын
@@lilbrwnie.2449 ../
@Matt-bg8xw 2 жыл бұрын
"I put the d in raw bc too me you were like art” this line is fucking bars bro.
@splat2273 2 жыл бұрын
@@Matt-bg8xw appreciate it bro nbs💯
@MBFLJ23 2 жыл бұрын
How can I love when I ain't got no feelings So scared got My heartbeat to the ceiling I'm concealing the pain no I cannot let it show And sometimes I j wanna let you know Or maybe I don't wanna fuck it up so we can grow Cause if u leave I'm gon be so low no again thats all ik Getting money while I flow Nothing left to do but roll up da dro And I'm bymyself kicking it wit da bro Yea we know all these hoes fake and I all my friends snake my dawg he stay a hunnid he gon grab da Blick and have u running But when we hop in da booth yea I get in da mood yra I'm so high bih go get me some food we get to snapping UK we be spittin fye ain't capping don't got time for Dat some hoe j cheated again I got rhymes for that rolling up a big pack yea dats big facts u a big rat
@JoWise-qv6fo 5 ай бұрын
🎵 Oh my goodness, this beat got me groovin' like never before! 🔥 Can't wait to add my soulful vocals to this masterpiece! 🎶✨ #MusicMagic
@AaliyahMarieMusic Жыл бұрын
Made a song to this beat called " Im Done" this beat had me ong 💔
@kyleligaya267 2 жыл бұрын
Come up 46 Lately this life ain’t been about what I lack- ever since I made it all these niggas say they got my back.. I’ve been stacking up ain’t happy with a couple racks: never satisfied - that’s the motto. - that’s them hussle facts . need six figures in my life to make me feel alive - VIP mindset so I’m always on the grind. My life is so wild had to put it down in fucking rhymes ask me how I made it-yeah I tell em that it comes in time. -- let the universe in - follow them signs- and I swear on my life it would always provide. Be greatful for this life cause I’m greatful for mine Been blessed by god, the world, and divines. -- I was down in the dirt -shackles with the collar. Now I’m flyed out as a guest of honor. I went 2 too many places that I can’t even name. only focus on that money- who gives a fuck bout fame. Now I go to the spots they remember my name. All these boys are tryna play- but IVE BEEN CHANGING THE GAME. if you weren’t day1 you better stay in yo lane And if you see me - better put some dammrespect on my name. Cause I’ve been putting in work- for all of my seed. Giving them all the tools that I never had to succeed. I went them to know you can live out your dreams. I was down bad see but I always believed- See- walked into this money- I made no reservations. Hustled and I hustled until I knew that I made it. Made myself cold until I knew I was dangerous. My legacy I know that shit is never fading. I gave my family freedom- that’s how I knew that I made it. This success ain’t over night- in fact it’s a little bit belated. This the warmup- just wait for what’s next. 2022 is big money big checks. This ain’t the final just a fucking pre test
@fracuva5848 Жыл бұрын
Vorrei scappare dalla city con lei Senza mai voltare le spalle ai miei Iniziando con il farlo alle sei per poi finire con un fanculo in entrambi/e i display che poi ti amo non ce lo siam detti mai insieme stiamo bene solo in mezzo ai guai Freddi dentro e noi siamo incollati Percepisco dai suoi occhi il male Soldi sporchi li abbiamo lavati Mamma ancora mi fa la morale Si dice che si impara dagli errori Nei suoi occhi vedo il mare fuori Tutto passa il vuoto dentro resta Lei mi vuole morto lo capisco dalle sue gesta Mette una taglia sulla mia testa business man sono tempesta Rit Ma se vuoi Ne fumiamo un’altra e poi Ce ne andremo via da qui Noi due sopra un liberty Ogni suo bacio un po’ mi anestetizza Un po’ come quando senti l’effetto della prima zizza Guardami l’ultima volta come se fosse la prima Nei tuoi occhi una rivolta atomici tipo hiroshima
@chivonem1797 2 жыл бұрын
hadi karimi would be so proud
@MsJooy 2 жыл бұрын
Never felt that way to a cake All chocolate and black Cream on top ,yea im getting fat Late night scooping cream thats ice,i dont drink beer nobody knows how it feels out of shape have to take 3 toilet breaks days are shorter when u stomach is bloated yo!i wanna make an order ,double fries one big soda, being fat is a blessing ,dont call me lazy those croissants with whip cream inside are amazing transparent fats are not scary thighs are getting thicker gonna get myself another snika pies in the morn ,i eat everything alone cant get enough i want more 300 pounds im not done......
@dobedeur Жыл бұрын
No feelings Doesn't sound like me at all Just cause I fade away Doesn't mean I ball You were the one I could call Had my back through it all Winter spring summer fall Yea....
@AnthonyTaylor-kq4fl 5 ай бұрын
🎵 This beat got me feeling like 🔥🎶 It's the perfect blend of rhythm and melody, can't wait to drop some soulful lyrics on this masterpiece! 🎤✨ #MusicHeals
@cheekastic4282 2 жыл бұрын
Ушам приятно💚
@janik57450 2 жыл бұрын
@xbdbdbdbsbdb3065 Жыл бұрын
En une soirée ton sourire jte l ai ôté jsp pas comment j ai fais oue j ai trop faute 2/3 pilon et mon âme a basculé drogue dans le cerveau et d un coup que des regret Aucune excuse j arrive plus à me rappeler J aurais du te dire mais bon moi j étais bloqué Ce que jte reproche ba moi jlai fait en pire chaque fois J y repense dans ma tête sa empire juste pour toi J aurais construit un empire dans ma tete toute la semaine je ressase nos souvenirs Vien on recommence à écrire notre histoire On écoute pas l avis de tous ces batard Oué entre nous y auras plus aucun écart J’me comporterais plus jamais en connard C’est qu avec toi que j’veux finir ma vie Y’a personne d autre qu est grave dans nos esprits A chaque regard de ta part oue je souris Chaque fois tu me souris mon cœur s adousis J’veux juste revoir ta ptite tete et ton sourire T snap debile me font tjrs autant rire
@JOJONIGEL 2 жыл бұрын
I was so quick for you to give up thought you would’ve switch up in my mind you’d stay with me and our bridge would be all built up heavy on forever , broke the bond over some drugs said I’ll never get attached again
@rhaenyr08 Жыл бұрын
Verse 1: My life's a film, I'm searching for the lead The camera's eyes follow me through every street The unspoken lives, the forgotten dreams The memories and moments that never seem to leave Chorus: It's all a part of the show, yeah Dreams come alive and they never go Shout it from the rooftops, I'm on top of the world I'm living like I'm the king and nothing else matters Verse 2: I'm the master of my fate, it's a choice I make I'm never gonna bow down, I'm gonna stay awake The future's mine, and I'm gonna be great I'm gonna be the one and show the world what I create Chorus: It's all a part of the show, yeah Dreams come alive and they never go Shout it from the rooftops, I'm on top of the world I'm living like I'm the king and nothing else matters Verse 3: The power's in my hands, and I'm gonna take it I'm gonna keep hustling, and I'm never gonna fake it The world is mine and I'm gonna make it I'm gonna be the one to show that I can take it Chorus: It's all a part of the show, yeah Dreams come alive and they never go Shout it from the rooftops, I'm on top of the world I'm living like I'm the king and nothing else matters
@Thesmwallace 2 жыл бұрын
You can call me sevn ain't no need for all the talking though, I ain't after you, Im after money what you gotta know. you only play a role inside my book and pages gotta fold I done lived the chapter time for me to go and write some more. let it go! I ain't got no feelings weighing on my soul, only understand'em when im all alone. Gotta walk the path that I was given its a lonely road talent comes with cost so i let'em know, understand my pain or money coming in is all they know, hands out. gold around my neck so im the man now, never knew my name so why you asking what's the plan now, bitches want my baby guess they fans.
@Jazzjordin 2 жыл бұрын
dope asl
@Thesmwallace 2 жыл бұрын
@@Jazzjordin appreciate it
@yanzbeatz 2 жыл бұрын
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@amarikade 2 жыл бұрын
I look back at how naive I was, thinking others “loved” innocently. Thinking I had been sent an angel from god, when the devil sent me an enemy. -amarikade
@pharoahdjehuti2482 2 жыл бұрын
I wish I would listen to you when you express ya self,Love gone missing now ima here by myself ,dam what feeling inside this storm coming can you feel my cry,I smoke gas so I can feel that high,fuck this world I think I will stay in the sky ,misunderstandings can only hurt the both of us, their will never be a relationship if ain’t not trust #RMF2Brazy
@eastgangbeats6305 2 жыл бұрын
this real sh!t🤑🤯
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@jameshowardmaina4071 Жыл бұрын
Got it
Sometimes i feel like i have No Feelings drunk & blunted but im Cold Chilling never stop pushing because my Souls Driven #rawkanetherebel
@kevinrosalesxcccx.n.x8067 2 жыл бұрын
@marierogers3906 2 жыл бұрын
The harder the times the harder I try the more that I try the more that I fail The harder I fail the more tha
@Melanieee1209 2 жыл бұрын
hey can i use this beat i wantend to make my first song and post it on youtube!
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@Melanieee1209 2 жыл бұрын
Cool thanks!
@Melanieee1209 2 жыл бұрын
Thank you so much I write I good song and post it on KZfaq so you can hear it too!
@verliebt.in.yeshua7586 2 жыл бұрын
@fracuva5848 Жыл бұрын
Non mi scordo chi c’era fra In quartiere sono leggenda come sfera fra Scrivo la storia con in mano una penna d’oca Se ripenso a quei giorni ancora oggi mi viene la pelle d’oca Ricordi in tasca zero credit qualcuno pagava a crick ho fatto per due come sick Il mio nome lo leggi sui muri della street se vuoi te ne parlo come slick rick Sto ancora tra piazza e bar del centro Sembra lei conosca il pin per sbloccarmi dentro
@FullPowerInc 2 жыл бұрын
If i buy the beat can i post it on my Apple music account
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
@blacheblake6673 2 жыл бұрын
See I can’t say my life scared but I can’t say that she ain’t break my heart kinda got me pissed and I let her see me pissed And i can’t say that I ain’t help uh soul
@armandoflores2056 2 жыл бұрын
Could I buy this?
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
Yes there is a link in the description
@mehre11 2 жыл бұрын
Yo somebody jacked your beat and put it up as a young ma type beat. Channel name is Marciano beats.
@tonyellison5829 2 жыл бұрын
@xxvii.official Жыл бұрын
@camillasimionato2913 Жыл бұрын
zero feelings dentro di me mi esprimo con le rime mi sento vuota dentro sto male mi comprime aspiro fino a non sentire niente tanto fragile e impulsiva cancro è ariete l’ascendente tu mi chiedi che cos’ho non so risponderti ti dico solo boh.. non lo so scrivo per non essere interrotta da ste vipere tu non mi cerchi ma so che mi sai capire la nostra storia la riguardo in dvd penso che poteva diventare un film ma non è andata così mo vado avanti per le mie faccio finta che la situa sia ok anche se non è ok e sono qui a riabbracciarti nei miei sogni ma tanto non mi vuoi si lo so che ti vergogni aspiro aspiro aspiro aspiro per non fare brutti sogni ed è ok ed è ok finché mi butto a letto e poi ripenso a noi allora giro un altro j ma la situa non è ok non è ok diventa tipo may day io che urlo may day lacrime scendono le gesta parlano io che mi chiedo dove sei ma per rispetto non ti chiamo e no cap mai fatto man-trap piango sotto le lenzuola perché non sei con me e adesso flashback zero feelings dentro di me mi esprimo con le rime mi sento vuota dentro sto male mi comprime tu che mi chiedi che cos’ho non so risponderti ti dico boh…non lo so mi sento ko sesta ripresa ko ma tanto non mi rialzerò
@rickybrewer1606 Жыл бұрын
I missed the hell out of you
@pharotbeats 2 жыл бұрын
nice beat but I don't understand why you don´t put the Key, if I want to use this beat I will get the key anyways, so you make to your suscribers easier putting the key
@the6ix140 2 жыл бұрын
Bet I'll start putting the key in the description
@omarvega1803 2 жыл бұрын
@l.v.2251 Жыл бұрын
I’m tryna get in touch with my ceiling give you something you can feel while attaching my feelings
@rickybrewer1606 Жыл бұрын
@janidsamira9776 2 жыл бұрын
Mab9itch ga3 ne3as
@jakebritain3595 8 ай бұрын
that not Drake that Mate
@damarcusmitchell2500 Жыл бұрын
Funny ppl
@oddteka Жыл бұрын
@claudiomartinflacavento575 Жыл бұрын
🔥🔥🔥Rap privados de libertad kzfaq.info/get/bejne/d7l6bNR-t6q3kZ8.html desde la cárcel 🔥🔥🔥
@saugamontii Жыл бұрын
Just dropped the hardest song to this beat💯 "Can't Pretend" - KWM Video on my channel!!
@rashardtlagae1226 2 жыл бұрын
Yeah kiss me more, I think I got potential need santana more,I'm the chosen one can't forget the bigger picture, I wake up in the morning staying hello focused I'm tye choosen one flowers never pick them self's ,no hard feelings no one need no any feelings u got yo mum, ur girl over there cheating on you n thas facts,talking bout sum fact yeah suits messed up like ur girl cheating on you
@jacquie2878 2 жыл бұрын
@rashardtlagae1226 2 жыл бұрын
Ur girl cheating
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