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8 ай бұрын

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@coffeeaddict9605 8 ай бұрын
The human GH was just adorable.
@dimpro21 8 ай бұрын
I agree😁
@josefernandocarrilloperez1998 8 ай бұрын
@D1N0127 8 ай бұрын
But is female...i think is male
@francisco6gunssanalliteMimic 8 ай бұрын
@hocinehocine1855 8 ай бұрын
Realy adorable
@CoolSoupMan 7 ай бұрын
Finally some normal-ish TADC content on youtube shorts
@Luffy_OP1201 7 ай бұрын
Another 5yr old simping on a damn ugly animation
@KTO_YA-ok 7 ай бұрын
@Indefaux 7 ай бұрын
Massive emphasis on ‘ish’ but to be fair yeah
@Rip_Cof1k1 7 ай бұрын
At least it isn’t r34 and it’s kinda cute
@user-ul8rq1fu1r 7 ай бұрын
Yang indonesia kumpul disini 👇
@Futa8 3 ай бұрын
Jaxが本物のウサギに戻るの可愛すぎる💞 ゲヒャンスーさんも可愛い💞
@WoTARMEDTV 4 ай бұрын
A yo .Jax is my favorite. He turn into a small cute rabbit?!
@YesiRiskia 27 күн бұрын
My to
@jeimyaceves1519 24 күн бұрын
Damn ass
@Fanny_FromDeathPact 7 ай бұрын
Ok but Kinger being reunited with Queenie is just amazing
@ToffeeSquared 7 ай бұрын
the other teams bishop 2893890 miles away :
@Sangplaysgame19 7 ай бұрын
What about the pawns?
@Niko28872 7 ай бұрын
​@@Sangplaysgame19they probably got killed and kinger had a brilliant move and defeated the black king
@liliksuryani891 7 ай бұрын
Lucu sekali. Kelinci😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😅😅😅😮😮😮😢😢😢🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂❤❤❤❤😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉😢😢😢
@shrambles3536 7 ай бұрын
I thought you said Burger King for a second
@GuestCuzYesz 7 ай бұрын
Jax: im gonna be so cool ehe Also jax: *Probally turn into a cute little rabbit*
@hasnitalacatta1149 7 ай бұрын
@K1ttyBoi 7 ай бұрын
*probably Understand that alright?
@GuestCuzYesz 7 ай бұрын
@@K1ttyBoi 👌
@dastdastisfuckingshit 7 ай бұрын
​@@K1ttyBoishut up 🤓☝️
@user-dl4kx6gt8l 7 ай бұрын
@rangefromtblt4047 5 ай бұрын
Pomni: human version is adorableeeeee! ❤💙💚💜 Kinger: AWWWWWW. *This is too sweet.* 😭💖 Kaufmo: I'm happy for him! Haha! 😛🙃 Jax: HE'S SO CUTE FR. 🤣✨ GH: *human version of GH must be protected at all costs.* (And normal version as well, obviously. BOTH MUST BE PROTECTED.) 🫂❣
@DedeEndriana 2 ай бұрын
@user-bq5wk1fm7u 2 ай бұрын
​@@DedeEndrianaLOVE YOU NOW 😘😄😄😄😄😄😄😁😁
@ElvisleyssantosAlvesSantosalve 26 күн бұрын
Pols❤❤❤😢 😍😍😍😍😍🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🍯🍯🍯💤💤💤
@goofiestgoobster 6 ай бұрын
kaufman is my fav tadc character and seeing him finally reach the exit was so cute. the tears in his eyes added a nice touch too. very cute art style!
@Colynofficial_drawingchannel 7 ай бұрын
Jax:I'm gonna be so cool *Turns into a frickin cute rabbit💗*
@MaterialCraftycorn 7 ай бұрын
Jax: (dang it now I'm a rabbit that doesn't talk 😭😭😭😭😭)
@LunaEclipse-si2qo 7 ай бұрын
It’s called KARMA Jax
@user-zn4mi1mz1v 7 ай бұрын
He's so CUTE
@curtiswalls1070 7 ай бұрын
@MaterialCraftycorn 7 ай бұрын
@@LunaEclipse-si2qo KARMA Jax? Does that mean he got bullied back?
@_mousean 7 ай бұрын
Jax:i’m gonna be so cool :) *turns into a real life rabbit*
@hi-sn3ir 7 ай бұрын
@Difa_rarasia 7 ай бұрын
But the rabbit is cute:)
@Lavender2005 7 ай бұрын
If that's canon then all of the jax fangirls are zoophiles
@whiteknight1479 7 ай бұрын
Till its mating season.
@RamseySagada 7 ай бұрын
​@@hi-sn3irhd wallpapers and 😢
@Stillthinkingguns 6 ай бұрын
I love Jax’s transition so much he turned into a bunny eating a carrot ❤❤❤
@pundertalefan4391 2 ай бұрын
Hey, this one is actually pretty good! More of this, please.
@Coolest5445 7 ай бұрын
I will say the same human gh was just so adorable. It makes me cute and beautiful
@robertcsantos8789 7 ай бұрын
😊🤭🌸 my mecat
@wenchelardo 7 ай бұрын
makes YOU cute and beautiful????
@GLORIOUSCARD7963 7 ай бұрын
@jacksonrizo4188 7 ай бұрын
@unknowngalaxy7850 7 ай бұрын
Background song name pls
@user-hi7wf1us9k 7 ай бұрын
Jax: Im gonna be so cool Also Jax: *turned into a cute lil bunny* ow
@danisha00 7 ай бұрын
@alexandraguerrero8331 7 ай бұрын
@aienza1023doodle 7 ай бұрын
jax turn a rabbit is cute 😭❤
@_kapytan_sher_ 7 ай бұрын
А это разве не круто?😊
@elviegonzales3518 7 ай бұрын
Bro jax means gracious💀
@JM_207 5 ай бұрын
@user-iz7bw6ws9y 5 ай бұрын
Du als Mensch ist das süßeste auf der Welt und deine Animation ist das beste ❣️😊
@Two-ym1ty 7 ай бұрын
Jax: thinks he’s going to be cool Real life: *turns into a bunny*
@user-re3mn7yp5q 7 ай бұрын
@ShadowOnPaws1420 7 ай бұрын
The transformation was so hilarious and cute❤😅🎉
@Mayoshi_yt 7 ай бұрын
@hiedyfrancisco1938 7 ай бұрын
No jax sucks
@zackbuildit88 7 ай бұрын
@TLOS_thelightofstars2 7 ай бұрын
Are we gonna ignore how cute Kinger and Queenie was?
@danayguzman2678 7 ай бұрын
No were not ignoreing it
@mylol8 7 ай бұрын
I tnink some normal
@juhmop 7 ай бұрын
​@Anti-yellowfaceits confirmed by gooseworx that its queenie
@jojodooomthepowerfulbean5780 7 ай бұрын
alternate ending for them: they turn into real chess pieces
@MoreToast4Me 7 ай бұрын
@Anti-yellowfaceit’s Queenie.
@MiniCube_VR 5 ай бұрын
Bro did Jax dirty 😭💀
@Death_to_all_HAJIS44 4 ай бұрын
She doesn't deserve the 17millon subs so her channel sucks
@MabeMabes 3 ай бұрын
JAX IS SO Cute 🥰🥰🥰
@marycerangelarana5519 7 ай бұрын
Jax: im gonna be so cool "becomes a bunny" Me:aww so cuteeeeeee
@JoshuaSarte-dn2my 6 ай бұрын
@Catnap20011 6 ай бұрын
Not cool jax eats chocolate balls that look like a bowling ball
@bravo39029 5 ай бұрын
*big chungus*
@Fearlessofflash 5 ай бұрын
Same I said that too
@curiousdaedae5815 5 ай бұрын
Me:start's laughing yeah you look really cool
@nikki2society 7 ай бұрын
Why was kinger reuniting with his wife so adorable 😭 Edit: Wtf is happening in the comments bro😐
@DancingMushroom_22 7 ай бұрын
Bc his wife got abstracted
@mariacurras5757 7 ай бұрын
Te. Amo. Pomni
@joseluisbaron2518 7 ай бұрын
@ashleyaguilerasanchez3906 7 ай бұрын
@ethanwong4765 7 ай бұрын
Bro is white and black😮😨
@youmu1210 2 ай бұрын
GH is very cute
@user-js2rk8ds3r 4 ай бұрын
❤ваууууу я в шоке 🤯 это очень мило просто ваууууууууу 😍😍😍😍
@Gleb-i7b Ай бұрын
Здарова 👋
@yourLocalGreekMapper 7 ай бұрын
The human pomni and jax as a bunny were so cute😭
@yourLocalGreekMapper 7 ай бұрын
THANKS FOR SO MANY LIKES I've never got that much❤❤
@cesarzanella4760 7 ай бұрын
Watafac está bien ❤️‍🩹🥹😊
@VidaCrystal-co8eu 8 ай бұрын
Ah yes, Jax ZE chubby rabbit
@Sabrina-te4bz 8 ай бұрын
but jax is already a bunny? a rude bunny
@Lemonkiyapazu_ 8 ай бұрын
​@@Sabrina-te4bz Ubuvu
@erosnicoshorts 8 ай бұрын
jax is so cute in his transformansion
@LazyFurry_Wawaw 8 ай бұрын
​@@Sabrina-te4bzoriginal he is a bunny walk 2 legs and can talk now he becomes a real rabbit
@jlhnaing 8 ай бұрын
@nigi-nigi11 4 ай бұрын
@user-bv6ko5xn2j 23 күн бұрын
Dipikiran awal jax:❤👁👄👁😎😋 Akhir:😶💀
@JAnnEH21 7 ай бұрын
Jax:IM GONNA BE COOL Also Jax: *turns into reality*
@Tofu_soup 7 ай бұрын
I thought that he was a cat 😂
@ewerllanjose 7 ай бұрын
It's so cool to see everyone from Digital Circus with their happy endings, it makes you want to cry ;-;
@user-pc8sv2vl5f 7 ай бұрын
@regzazemma3480 7 ай бұрын
And jax turned into a bunny
@Luffy_OP1201 7 ай бұрын
Another 5yr old
@sebastianpiekus9069 7 ай бұрын
@BingBongFairy 7 ай бұрын
​@regzazemma3480 I'd be SO happy if i turned into a chubby lil bunny. Being a funny lil guy who has no care in the world ofher than; dig hole, make little bunny, eat clover. Plus the bonus of being aesthetically adorable, I'd be happy.
@HalaMohaidat 2 ай бұрын
Digital Sirik Cartoon will go bankrupt without you ❤️😌
@TacofromII_ 5 ай бұрын
So cutee :00
@rhonareyes7154 7 ай бұрын
Jax:im gonna be so cool *Turns into an adorable bunny* Me: *dies of cuteness*
@krzysztofdobrzynski8782 7 ай бұрын
Me too
@IMABUNYBOIII 7 ай бұрын
@chenqiuhui66 7 ай бұрын
@MDZO580 7 ай бұрын
@Ash_wolfy 7 ай бұрын
@EinsamPibroch278 7 ай бұрын
Kinger didn't need to be real, he just wanted his Queenie back...😢
@NyxMakinoto 7 ай бұрын
Yeah 😭
@__ZaGRoM__ 7 ай бұрын
Самое странное что она другого цвета , хммммммммммм. Мне кажется или что-то тут не так
@cherguijawed4409 7 ай бұрын
​@@__ZaGRoM__what are you rasist?
@Markipilerfan 7 ай бұрын
​​@@cherguijawed4409 bro he speaks Russian he's not being racist💀
@Xx_doodler_xX 7 ай бұрын
​@@cherguijawed4409 no it's that they are the wrong side of the bord
@Chickenz_Forever282 21 күн бұрын
I loved how Jax just turned into a normal rabbit lol 😈❤
@lizanasir8496 10 күн бұрын
The jax turned into a actual rabbit is hilarious😂😂
@-Moon-._. 7 ай бұрын
Jax:I’m gonna be so cool 😎 Turns into a real life adorable bunny that swears 😂
@thunderzgamingyt9247 6 ай бұрын
He doesn’t swear, he says “OW
@eusebiotejnipcat9375 6 ай бұрын
Bunnies are cute
@idmorfe 6 ай бұрын
He didn't even swear
@Random_stuf12 7 ай бұрын
I’ve always wanted to see GH as a human. Also, is so cute when Jax turn into a bunny
@-Fire_woman- 7 ай бұрын
Do u have any carrot
@Abclizz 7 ай бұрын
I have 🥕
@-Fire_woman- 7 ай бұрын
@@Abclizz GIMME
@-Fire_woman- 7 ай бұрын
@hannamedina3674 7 ай бұрын
Ok here all the cirots🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕
@narintrakhumjaidee7125 6 ай бұрын
Jax was very cute.
@user-kk1de8ej1j 6 ай бұрын
Gh's is so cool
@garretmarksamblaceno148 7 ай бұрын
Lmao jax said he's gonna be so cool but turned into a normal purple bunny😂😂😂❤
@Wibyz 7 ай бұрын
Coelho *roxo* normal?
@Egg0- 7 ай бұрын
@Siluman_harimau.192 7 ай бұрын
dia langka adalah kelinci langka sebab warna nya ungu dan dia lucu 😍😍😍
@HarleyQuinn257 7 ай бұрын
If he turned to Angel dust. I would have cracked lol.
@Luffy_OP1201 7 ай бұрын
Another 5yr old
@Boritoman76 7 ай бұрын
I Love How You Drew Pomni She Looks So Cute, And I Also Love The Voice Acting!
@paseingyong 6 ай бұрын
@Itz_candiez 6 ай бұрын
@user-zx8bb3dk6i 6 ай бұрын
@user-zl3je5nd2s 6 ай бұрын
Джек такой милашка 😊😊❤❤
@AmatSirup 2 ай бұрын
I love your videos I hope you got 1m sub🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@MyaDraws-op7tr 7 ай бұрын
The human GH was just the most adorable thing I have ever seen!
@SupImMeloned 7 ай бұрын
Aren't we gonna talk about that "Goodbye! " was a little wholesome
@SeanErnstHuerva 7 ай бұрын
Me too man me too
@J3RRYKing096 5 ай бұрын
Jax really said:ow💀
@user-cb2eh3gw5k 4 ай бұрын
ขอให้ ถึง 100ล้าน เร็วขึ้นด้วยนะครับผม
@The_hoh_cat 8 ай бұрын
Jax in TADC: cool and relax Jax in real life: SO CUTE!!!!!!
@andrewconway1025 7 ай бұрын
Yes he is he so so so so so soooooooo cuteeeee
@payungsakdamrongsagul9694 7 ай бұрын
You’re right 😊
@jirasintemdee3282 7 ай бұрын
I like McDonald's
@user-gt3zs4zq7e 7 ай бұрын
Jax isnt cool and relax he is annoying
@ashleyaguilerasanchez3906 7 ай бұрын
Max is my favorite
@adityarobo 7 ай бұрын
@Ashleyshields2015 7 ай бұрын
Yea so cute 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹
@yuanzhou6365 7 ай бұрын
Ikr? 😍😭
@Doggy2I24r 7 ай бұрын
@Chientai705 7 ай бұрын
We will we will
@Chientai705 7 ай бұрын
Yeah jax look so cute when he is a little bunny
@nexkysaowapa 4 ай бұрын
@GarnetCrowFan 2 ай бұрын
@Elite_noob7853 7 ай бұрын
Jax: I’m going be cool! *Turns to a bunny irl* Edit:HOW DID I EVEN MORE LIKES!?
@BenBen-nm4fm 7 ай бұрын
Has he sured
@elespectadorsinlimites154 8 ай бұрын
I'm not lying, it's so great that each character even had a happy ending, it's a pretty special moment 😢
@Helloo32-z9s 8 ай бұрын
Wait wait wait, Jax had a happy ending? And he is even my favourute🫣
@unacubanaensuecia9984 8 ай бұрын
​@@Helloo32-z9sP o😊p P Anclar los elementos en el portapapeles para que no caduquen al cabo de 1 hora
@InanimateRonpaYin-Yang 7 ай бұрын
They didn't have a happy ending
@sarahcave58 4 ай бұрын
@Solarstar12 6 ай бұрын
Bro really called his wife ugly😂❤
@UZI-MurderDronesss 7 ай бұрын
@OfficialYippeecreature 7 ай бұрын
@jasdatherian 7 ай бұрын
@hiddenlord_vr 7 ай бұрын
​@@jasdatherianIM NOT CUTE
@Toroishidinginyourwallshehe 7 ай бұрын
​@@hiddenlord_vr yep hes not cute
@Micha-saniscute 7 ай бұрын
Me too❤❤❤❤❤
@Mini-Rusty 7 ай бұрын
Jax: turning into a little purple bunny Logic: 📈📈📈📈📈📈
@madugonzales3121 2 ай бұрын
Jax is so cute as a purple bunny❤❤❤❤
@Evie_aesthticgirly10 5 ай бұрын
Jax: I’ll be so cool *turns into a rabbit eating a carrot* Me: can I adopt you?? As a rabbit?
@Kribyking 7 ай бұрын
I like how the line fulfills their biggest desire (Pomni being back in the real world, kinger getting queenie back, kaufmo finding the exit, Jax just vibing, and GH gaining subscriber.)
@Lovely_kit707 7 ай бұрын
Omg I just realized that
@smurf_cat_forever 7 ай бұрын
Untill he realised he went to the void *TO BE CONTINUED* Edit: what have I done
@LolaNbanana 7 ай бұрын
115 likes and 0 comments? Let me fix that😊
@Sunn1_rblx 7 ай бұрын
@@LolaNbanana 122 likes and 1 comment? Let me fix that edit- ty for 1 like!! (i liked my own comment)
@CIoudyStar 7 ай бұрын
156 likes? and 3 comments let me fix that@@lay_sIays
@IsraelJCantu 7 ай бұрын
218 likes and 5 comments? Let me fix that
@thimenlam-bz8tl 7 ай бұрын
@maynardvillanueva6350 3 ай бұрын
Rip the old ghs😢 we will miss you
@Dogday61346 5 ай бұрын
Pomni: yay! Jax: :( Pomni: ...bro what happened to you Jax: idk Pomni: ...ok bye
@speedy8583 7 ай бұрын
Everyone just looks so much better in 2D!
@totallyhezekiah 7 ай бұрын
yeah, they don’t look like a fucking bean
@defdar4990 7 ай бұрын
this is anime drawing style
@totallyhezekiah 7 ай бұрын
@3HML what.
@eleazarnunez7571 7 ай бұрын
@estrela841 7 ай бұрын
@EliMeli55555 7 ай бұрын
OH MY GOD!!! We finally get a glimpse of GH.S AS HUMAN!!!!!!!
@user-yj9ui8tk2y 7 ай бұрын
Me: THAT'S A WOMAN?!?!?!
@kairidunphe3262 7 ай бұрын
I thought he was a boy💀💀💀💀💀💀
@Zendro_s5 7 ай бұрын
@@user-yj9ui8tk2y 😐
@mememaker58 7 ай бұрын
@umarfarouk1173 7 ай бұрын
I thought it was MALE!!!
@Angelina_hemam 6 ай бұрын
The last one was very cute 👇
@kevinchu7469 Ай бұрын
Jax: 8mma turn cool Reality: a little purple eebbit
@On3_Dr4g0n 8 ай бұрын
Pomni's character looked really cool in human form. The problem is that you can't see her face😢
@AntwanHmm 8 ай бұрын
I think Pomni is Martha from whats the matter Martha
@Peanutmoai 8 ай бұрын
Yes you can if your trying to look at the face
@EggTartBenedict 8 ай бұрын
​​@@AntwanHmmthat's my name irl💀
@riskyrambo5685 8 ай бұрын
What is this
@linner4110 8 ай бұрын
@ForbiddenSkills1 7 ай бұрын
I love how you draw Pomni as a jester and her back to normal. Also jax* is a masterpiece. Also kinger hiding behind the pillow 😂
@doge1982 7 ай бұрын
I hate to be that guy but, Pomni is a jester 😭🙏
@Op_4xPheonixYT 7 ай бұрын
@sofir_2350 7 ай бұрын
jax so cute eeeeeeeee hello
@anakiidaralurve 7 ай бұрын
@ForbiddenSkills1 7 ай бұрын
@@anakiidaralurve sorry autocorrect
@gailcue1888 4 ай бұрын
Jax is adorable❤❤
@angelkeezer 3 ай бұрын
GH IS SOOOO CUTE ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@portal1523 7 ай бұрын
Pomni = Human self Kinger = Encounter with his gf Kaufmo = Unabstracted Jax = His species but real GH = Human self Edit: MOM I’M FAMOUS
@user-hq5ww3vc8u 7 ай бұрын
Gooseworks:wait that's I'll
@user-hq5ww3vc8u 7 ай бұрын
@KhandakerKafiNippon 7 ай бұрын
not gf its his wife bruh
@user-tr6xj2od5e 7 ай бұрын
I thought they could wait a was always a boy
@Guy_w1234 7 ай бұрын
Jax is basically bonnie if he was a actual bunny
@Molly-bnslime 7 ай бұрын
The fact that kaufmow and pomni both wanted to find the exit door in the amazing digital circus is something I never knew
@Chalkadoo 7 ай бұрын
You didn't? Didn't you notice all the very clear signs? Heck he even becomes relevant because they mentioned he was ranting about an exit door.
@Boritoman76 7 ай бұрын
You gotta be fucking joking right?
@marcelomaximilianomunoz4885 7 ай бұрын
@EclipseRecordLabelOfficial 6 ай бұрын
Grass is a type of plant with narrow leaves growing from the base. Their appearance as a common plant was in the mid-Cretaceous period. There are 12,000 species now. A common kind of grass is used to cover the ground in places such as lawns and parks. Grass is usually the color green. That is because they are wind-pollinated rather than insect-pollinated, so they do not have to attract insects. Green is the best colour for photosynthesis. Grasslands such as savannah and prairie where grasses are dominant cover 40.5% of the land area of the Earth, except Greenland and Antarctica.[4] Grasses are monocotyledon herbaceous plants. They include the "grass" of the family Poaceae, which are called grass by ordinary people. This family is also called the Gramineae, and includes some of the sedges (Cyperaceae) and the rushes (Juncaceae).[5] These three families are not very closely related, though all of them belong to clades in the order Poales. They are similar adaptations to a similar life-style. With about 780 genera and about 12,000 species,[3] the Poaceae is the fifth-largest plant family. Only the Asteraceae, Orchidaceae, Fabaceae and Rubiaceae have more species.[6] The true grasses include cereals, bamboo and the grasses of lawns (turf) and grassland. Uses for graminoids include food (as grain, shoots or rhizomes), drink (beer, whisky), pasture for livestock, thatch, paper, fuel, clothing, insulation, construction, sports turf, basket weaving and many others. Many grasses are short, but some grasses can grow tall, such as bamboo. Plants from the grass family can grow in many places and make grasslands, including areas which are very arid or cold. There are several other plants that look similar to grass and are referred to as such, but are not members of the grass family. These plants include rushes, reeds, papyrus and water chestnut. Seagrass is a monocot in the order Alismatales. Grasses are an important food for many animals, such as deer, buffalo, cattle, mice, grasshoppers, caterpillars and many other grazers. Unlike other plants, grasses grow from the bottom, so when animals eat grass they usually do not destroy the part that grows.[7] This is a part of why the plants are successful. Without grass, soil may wash away into rivers (erosion).
@user-ye3zy6ls3r 11 күн бұрын
@T4hliya 8 ай бұрын
GHS and pomni's human form is so cute. And jax looks just adorable as a bunny
@pastel_em1111 8 ай бұрын
Everyone: “GH is adorable!❤” Me: * Thinking all this time GH was a guy *
@PanaBoliviaBFDI_. 8 ай бұрын
Same lmao😂
@MoonMix14 7 ай бұрын
Me too 😅
@one_Wisher 7 ай бұрын
Me three😅
@Sophie_the_white_duck 7 ай бұрын
Me four 😅
@roselynurgel-mt7ff 7 ай бұрын
Me too😂😂😂😂
@Mooku_thunder890 Ай бұрын
Broo if o saw Jack as a real life rabbit anywhere i would probably kidnap him his real life rabbit form looka so cute!!
@SunnyDays_1234 5 ай бұрын
Jax: I gonna be SLAYYYY Real life: B U N N Y
@purevjalenhoyun6276 7 ай бұрын
J ax: im gonna be so cool 😎 *proceeds to become a cute bunny*
@bellneves2491 7 ай бұрын
@sopunnaseak4260 7 ай бұрын
Jax as the bunny :Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!😱😱😱
@coasterjehhha 7 ай бұрын
​@@sopunnaseak4260no its ow
@thanapatteeranaew567 7 ай бұрын
It's just so cute
@user-se7qz3uf1v 7 ай бұрын
@EvaTheFennecFox 7 ай бұрын
Jax should've been a toddler for comedic reasons lol
@woahhhhhh-sv4yy 7 ай бұрын
His canon age is 22 dumbass 💀💀💀
@xiaochunyang8340 7 ай бұрын
​@longestcomment6969TRUEEEEE HE'S 22
@LightningLover2763 7 ай бұрын
​@longestcomment6969you mean 21
@maryjeandelarosa7275 Ай бұрын
i love your videos and i watch it and i sub to you❤❤❤❤
@Mr.YoutuberYusuf 6 ай бұрын
@Mr_Banana1233 7 ай бұрын
Jax: I’m gonna be so cool *turns into a bunny* Me: *dies of laughter*
@ItsDucky_channof 6 ай бұрын
@Martynalps 6 ай бұрын
Me: dies of cutenees
@user-gv8ql4hd7m 8 ай бұрын
@GMVFuns 7 ай бұрын
I got surprised too...
@margaritahernandez-jo2fx 7 ай бұрын
??? You not know?
@LynxPaw_XD_OFFICIAL 7 ай бұрын
I didn't know either..
@alejandrocali8675 7 ай бұрын
I know
@Picture_girll 7 ай бұрын
You didn't know gh is a girl
@Robloxbesties445 6 ай бұрын
I love how jax think he's going to look cool but he's a purple bunny😂
@reddevilsdownunder452 6 ай бұрын
But at least it looks cute
@Sandra_Miss._CinnaST4RS 2 ай бұрын
@TheGreatFazbear 7 ай бұрын
if this was the final ep. of the amazing digital circus i'm gonna cry and be happy! at the same time.
@FlakytheP0rcupine 8 ай бұрын
"I'm gonna be so cool " "*turns into an adorable bunny*"
@Camara_Cientifico4 8 ай бұрын
@Captian_J 7 ай бұрын
I guess that was to be expected
@patyroman445 5 ай бұрын
IIIII LOVE GH'S ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
@user-th6kx9tu4u 6 ай бұрын
yeah pony is back in the real world and kinger is back with his wife😆yayyyy!
@user-th6kx9tu4u 6 ай бұрын
@Mitsuki_kitty562 7 ай бұрын
"100, 000" but u reached 100,000,0 and jax as a bunny is so cuteeee🥰
@EduardoReneCanulRuiz-hw2pu 7 ай бұрын
Que paso. Aquí por qué. Todo avlan. Inglés xdd 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@DanielVasquez-gg1mh 7 ай бұрын
I agree😊😊😊
@cakeiscomingforyou 7 ай бұрын
I thought that too
@michaelbrock2529 7 ай бұрын
What you are a girl
@XxSunny_Th3r1anxX 7 ай бұрын
Jax: “I’m gonna be so cool-“ Also Jax: *turns into a literal rabbit* (Edit: MOM IM FAMOUS!!!!! Tysm for all the likes y’all!)
@Logs27 7 ай бұрын
@KatEatsDirt_ 7 ай бұрын
@tinsel_therian 7 ай бұрын
but an adorable one
@AbdulRafay-oe8ks 7 ай бұрын
At least he turned from talking slender rabbit into a cute fluffy one
@Iminspaceeeee 7 ай бұрын
@_silly_sad 2 ай бұрын
cute jax and gh
@cristalclearview9785 4 ай бұрын
Gender revealed also jax is rlly cute as a bunny
@Animeninja124 7 ай бұрын
Jax ends up in a scientist lab Pomni lives a normal life Kinger becomes king Clown works as a clown at children parties You becomes a amazing animator Anyone wondering why Jax goes to a scientist lab is because hes purple
@jirobrient2580 7 ай бұрын
@Zacian0912 7 ай бұрын
You know that’s actually true
@user-yc9vm8yd4k 7 ай бұрын
@Unique_Edxtor 7 ай бұрын
Poor Jax tho 😭
@haeloey 7 ай бұрын
Jax is just a rabbit 🐰
@ITS_FER_OREO 8 ай бұрын
The huma GH was just adorable.
@sabinayeasmin3394 8 ай бұрын
@jesseullman505 2 ай бұрын
Jax is so cute as a little bunny
@Rmu_kanrojx 6 ай бұрын
I'm happy for you, I'm your fan
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