LUCA Official Trailer (2021) Disney Pixar Movie HD

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LUCA Official Trailer (2021) Disney Pixar Movie HD
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DumbleHades Жыл бұрын
“From the creators of Coco, Inside Out, and Toy Story.” So... I’m gonna cry REALLY hard at this movie
あS p a c e 😶‍🌫️
あS p a c e 😶‍🌫️ 8 ай бұрын
Tursiops Жыл бұрын
@Burrito_Therapy I never consider a pixar movie to be from Disney at all, especially seeing what kind of movies Disney is doing now where most of them are stories we have already seen before just putting new cgi or actors... Very awful.
Isabella The Hedgehog
Isabella The Hedgehog Жыл бұрын
“As the earth caves” in cover starts play*
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Жыл бұрын
Dude! I knowwww
Fandoms united
Fandoms united Жыл бұрын
@Taro True True
Aaron's Memes
Aaron's Memes Жыл бұрын
I love that Pixar trailers still tell you the other movie's they've made, as if we haven't heard of Pixar.
Darth Darth
Darth Darth 8 ай бұрын
I believe it’s more of the studio rather than the company. Pixar has more than one studio probably. I know Disney has multiple studios
Darth Darth
Darth Darth 8 ай бұрын
Wow 3d animation in 2022? So retro!!!
I Can't think of a name
I Can't think of a name 11 ай бұрын
Yes and i also love how they said coco when realistically it's not as famous as toy story (which they showed) or finding nemo or monsters inc ect. And not everyome would've heard of them
bảo trân channel
bảo trân channel Жыл бұрын
Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan)
Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) Жыл бұрын
@Marisa Lin exactly what I thought. I believe the original comment has good intentions but they're just not applicable here...
SamYungOfficial Жыл бұрын
Absolutely adored this film. The soundtrack, visuals, story and everything. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that Disney/Pixar magic. Welcome back 😭 ❤️
JellyPuff 10 ай бұрын
I liked the graphics and the details of everything.
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed 11 ай бұрын
@Bareq99 that’s actually a good idea I usually don’t watch a movie twice but when I do its on tv right then an there.
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed 11 ай бұрын
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed 11 ай бұрын
@Name Namemerem bruh u triggered me 😤
stephanie vasquez
stephanie vasquez Жыл бұрын
@Name Namemerem I just
Fairloke Жыл бұрын
It's wonderful seeing the Mediterranean culture and climate! Italy is beautiful! Lots of love from Greece! 🇬🇷
molly casey
molly casey 25 күн бұрын
I am visiting there soon!!! I am learning to learn italy and hope to someday study abroad there!
Pixel The Cheetah
Pixel The Cheetah 10 ай бұрын
I'm also from Greece :O! Αυτό είναι λίγο περίεργο, είδα τα υπόλοιπα σχόλια σ' αυτό και υπάρχουν κι άλλοι/άλλες!
Ruva Ahmed
Ruva Ahmed 11 ай бұрын
Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Sofia Sarkisian
Sofia Sarkisian 11 ай бұрын
Love from Armenia 🇦🇲
Walking Corpse
Walking Corpse Жыл бұрын
Eh... I don't think it's that beautiful. It's hot and all the buildings look really old and untouched. I get that's probably the point, but from a beauty perspective it's just not there for me. Just a personal opinion. A quarter Italian and 3/4 Mexican Mutt Bred.
Puteri Natasya
Puteri Natasya Жыл бұрын
Overall, I love this movie a lot. You may think that it's just a so-so movie, a kid movie with a predictable plot and ending. For me, it's much more than that. Here, I want to share with you what I felt from my own perspectives. First of all, it teaches you to go for your dream. Sometimes, you just gotta rebel. Not all rules you need to obey. If it brings you happiness, it doesn't have to make sense to anyone else as long as you happy. Second of all, sometimes you just gotta "silenzo bruno!" Who is bruno? Idek. It someone that lives in your head, telling you that you can't do it. Guess what? Silenzo bruno. I got this. I know I can. Next time you feel scared, like you can't do it, it's just bruno telling that you can't do it. don't listen to him. "silenzo bruno!" Third is, this movie teaches you about friendship. Friendship is built on trust, and sacrifices. You needa trust your friend, and never leave them behind. Never turn your back on them just to chase your dream. There will be no satisfaction even you achieve your dream cause you know you loose something bigger than what you achieve. And...what i like to add about this is, friends need to always accept each other differences. True friends accept you even if you're a sea monster. Fourth is, people change. No matter how cruel, how big and how strong someone passion is to something bad they can always change for the better if they tried. For example, a sea monster hunter will probably be friend with the sea monster itself after he get to know them better. In conclusion, we shouldn't judge people just because of their bad past. I love the ending. Its beautiful. Everybody have the chance to do what they love. Life is an adventure, not all people will like you, and not all people will hate you. That's life. Life isn't perfect. In fact. It was never meant to be perfect. The end. Thankyou for reading. Sincerely, Per. p/s: sorry for the bad grammar
KADD BEAUTY 5 ай бұрын
I love this!! Well Said!!
Ramon Fax!
Ramon Fax! 7 ай бұрын
Still a mediocre movie
Samantha V
Samantha V 8 ай бұрын
Bruno - that's Maribel's uncle from Encanto!. The whole family did not like him and were afraid of his gift. His gift - fortune telling - actually turned out to be a good thing at the end. It's just no one ever gave him a chance and loved him for who he is. Not until Maribel came along.
Lola 11 ай бұрын
Nicely put!🤍🐙✨ Absolutely love this movie and what it teaches!✨
Chanelle Vergura
Chanelle Vergura Жыл бұрын
Beautifully said :)
sonnynotzokunny Жыл бұрын
The movie was the best. They planned it like the good old pixar movies. And the animations are very nice. A glorious movie.
•Alberto Scorfano•
•Alberto Scorfano• Жыл бұрын
Awh thanks!
Andy Drew
Andy Drew Жыл бұрын
This movie got me back to being a child again. I loved every minute of it.
Mr Crabs
Mr Crabs 5 ай бұрын
@Andy Drew same
Andy Drew
Andy Drew Жыл бұрын
@Alejandro Morales Yes 🥺🥺🥺
Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales Жыл бұрын
U was a fish monster as a child?
•Alberto Scorfano•
•Alberto Scorfano• Жыл бұрын
Good. :)
Some Stalker with a moustache
Some Stalker with a moustache Жыл бұрын
Saw this tonight and was pleasantly surprised with the voice acting: as an Italian, almost every Italian line is pronounced with a very good Italian accent and I appreciate that. Excellent!
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed 11 ай бұрын
@Evelyn Kirishko we’ll see
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed 11 ай бұрын
@Some Stalker with a moustache really? How comes justice system is messed up
Evelyn Kirishko
Evelyn Kirishko 11 ай бұрын
Waiting for them to make a film with comprehensible Russian now haha
Some Stalker with a moustache
Some Stalker with a moustache Жыл бұрын
@Monica Quintana no shit I'm a Japanese lawyer
Monica Quintana
Monica Quintana Жыл бұрын
@Some Stalker with a moustache Sorry but your name is not Italian at all🤷🏻‍♀️
Just Jack
Just Jack Жыл бұрын
I feel that Disney/Pixar are finally getting back in touch with their roots by making movies with lots of heart and expanding one that teaching people valuable life lessons. Even me as a full grown adult need to learn
WhatAlsaid! Жыл бұрын
Pixar execs basically went, "hey, remember how Shape of Water and Call me by your name won all those awards? Well what if we combined those two, but made it for kids?"
Andy McNugget
Andy McNugget 6 ай бұрын
And Fast and Furious, with racing being big part in both movies, complete with a selfish jerk-turned-much bigger threat (Johnny Tran/Ercole), and themes of friendship and bonding. It’s like The Little Mermaid + Shape of Water + Call Me By Your Name + Fast and Furious = this.
Ramon Fax!
Ramon Fax! 7 ай бұрын
@Hola QueTal well they weren't, luca was mediocre
גקדןרק Жыл бұрын
Dude they are just friends
Pink Perfume Fairy
Pink Perfume Fairy Жыл бұрын
@JP 😐😑
Hannahhh Жыл бұрын
As an Italian I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally see some representation in a Disney/Pixar film!!! When I first watched it I was super impressed at the very accurate and well done Italian pronunciation, as well as the cultural aspect!! Loved everything about this film, and I’m currently kinda obsessed with it!!
Duckhawk Ninja
Duckhawk Ninja 10 ай бұрын
@Justin Who's an edgy boy?! Who's an edgy boy?!
Justin Жыл бұрын
Reading your comment made me wish Mussolini was back
3duard Жыл бұрын
Same :3
Lorenzo Romito
Lorenzo Romito Жыл бұрын
@Nathan the sea is too closed to let tsunamis originate, simply there isn't enough space for them.
Isabelle K-Q
Isabelle K-Q Жыл бұрын
@Nathan there are no tsunamis in Italy.... at least not common
Mr. Kamei
Mr. Kamei Жыл бұрын
Just saw the movie now. The ending scene had a tear rolled down on my cheek
•Alberto Scorfano•
•Alberto Scorfano• Жыл бұрын
@William Chua yeah i was super heartbroken when he left.. I miss him a lot :,)
•Alberto Scorfano•
•Alberto Scorfano• Жыл бұрын
Yeah but me and Luca still keep in touch so don’t be too sad okie? :)
William Chua
William Chua Жыл бұрын
Oh me too. I finished it just now. Im bawling my eyes out.
Darrion Durrant
Darrion Durrant Жыл бұрын
Watched it, it’s pretty good 👍🏻. Pretty good characters and goofy moments! No characters falling in love, aka filler for movies with bad plot. Good for family. Not a bad movie, the only thing I found a bit cringe was Luca doing his weird day dream thing everytime he saw that bike thing, but I’m pretty sure that’s the point.
Sienna Жыл бұрын
Watched this today with my family, I didn’t even want to watch it to begin with but by the end I was crying my eyes out. It was the best movie I’ve seen in a while, if you’re on the fence over watching it, I totally recommend! :)
Alastor Жыл бұрын
Loved loved LOVED this movie! Definitely should've been shown in theaters though since a TV screen can only do the film so much justice when it comes to the beauty of the art and animation! 🧜‍♂️💙 50% of the film I was smiling while the other 50% I was bawling like no tomorrow! Definitely will be watching this again!
Kristina Paulsen
Kristina Paulsen Жыл бұрын
I have no idea how this film did it but I FELT my childhood again through this movie. It was incredible and something I think I needed to feel. Loved it!!
average harry
average harry 11 ай бұрын
Best moral story , good friends , good parents, truth of society, and education. Overall family packed movie. Must watch with your whole family and emotionally cry with happy tears.
Me Me
Me Me Жыл бұрын
'Luca' deserves an Oscar because it's teach us to love Marine Life and also Alberto play one of the best best friend role too.
Me Me
Me Me Жыл бұрын
They show the reality what we actually need to avoid. You are right tho.
Aaron Merkel
Aaron Merkel Жыл бұрын
Love marine life? They show dead fish and people eating it. The movie promotes it.
PH Жыл бұрын
Highlights: voice actors and the scenery. I hope everyone who was involved in creating this feels super proud of themselves! Beautiful work! 🥰🥰🥰
Semiʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Semiʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 2 ай бұрын
Today I watched this movie😊 One of the best movie I ever watched😡 I really enjoyed it and cried at the end🥺 These characters are soo amazing🥰
P2 Mee
P2 Mee Жыл бұрын
A simple tale beautifully animated. The moral of the story being you can be part of society and family, as well as beat the bullies despite literally being a fish out of water. Bravo Pixar!
This movie brought me back so many childhood memories. I used to live in a coastal city close to Genova, now I live in Canada. Me and my cousins used to play whole bunch of games with the other kids in downtown, we also had a big fountain there. We used to wander around town with my cousins dog and we go salute our neighbours or go to the petshop where there was a talking parrot; and we loved spending the time in that store talking to him.
Musa Style
Musa Style Жыл бұрын
Ok. Imagine this. That girl who’s their friend doesn’t know how to swim, and she falls to the ocean. And then one of the kids decides to save her, risking his secret. She obviously finds out. And it’s like, he says. “Underdogs look out for each other,” all shy and stuff ITS CHEESY BUT ITS THE KIND OF CHEESY I LIKE
crisspycritic Жыл бұрын
No. I wont imagine that.
Hope Жыл бұрын
rude girl
rude girl Жыл бұрын
@Unkown Personal okay..
Unkown Personal
Unkown Personal Жыл бұрын
@rude girl bruh ok and????? People can ship what they want. If you got a problem with that shut up lma
rude girl
rude girl Жыл бұрын
@Unkown Personal virtual ships are the worst I support real peoples who are in the lgbt+ community
I hope there's a part 2 of the luca movie 😍
Duckhawk Ninja
Duckhawk Ninja 10 ай бұрын
@Timzing Nandang Yeah I mean It took more than a decade for Incredibles Two and Finding Dory.
Timzing Nandang
Timzing Nandang Жыл бұрын
I think there would be a part 2 cuz that can't be the final ending....and besides it will take yrs before there would be a part 2
Shayplay Жыл бұрын
@shushles yessssssss
shushles Жыл бұрын
that would be nice, imagine they reunite a few years later
Rapko SVK
Rapko SVK Жыл бұрын
Same bro
Raagi's Dance & Beats
Raagi's Dance & Beats 8 ай бұрын
Amazing movie Amazing Friends Amazing family Amazing Mixture Amazing Luca
will s
will s Жыл бұрын
“You got me off the island Luca…im okay..” 😭😭😭
Philip CUMMINS 9 ай бұрын
It sounds more beautiful in French
Hirai Soojin
Hirai Soojin 11 ай бұрын
@Hafsa Kamal I cried because of this that Alberto for a lot of years of waiting for his father, finds a new father that loved him so much and accept him with all his heart. Its just touching and this idea makes me wanna cry.
Anshul Singh
Anshul Singh Жыл бұрын
Just end up watching the movie 😭😭
Ria Hilvano
Ria Hilvano Жыл бұрын
MYRONE ELIAN 10 ай бұрын
Saw this movie tonight, cried a river! 😭 Go watch it! Definitely worth it! Thankyou, Pixar! 🥺🤍
Melissa Okeke
Melissa Okeke Жыл бұрын
"No one can know" Proceeds to do backflips out of the ocean fully showing their mermaid form
PerfectAlibi 7 ай бұрын
They're not mermaids... Nor are they merboys. They're clearly Gillmen.(species name). They check all the Gillman characteristics.
Jedidiah Cyrus
Jedidiah Cyrus Жыл бұрын
Nayeem Жыл бұрын
@i is fish ur liyen
Loullieu Жыл бұрын
scp 049 lupus rex the furreh
scp 049 lupus rex the furreh Жыл бұрын
There called fish man
Bianca Almeda
Bianca Almeda Жыл бұрын
Юсупова Марина
Юсупова Марина Жыл бұрын
I loved it and I know I'll rewatch it many times :) Thank you so much for making such a warm movie❤🕊
Jerelyn Faith Salibio
Jerelyn Faith Salibio Жыл бұрын
This movie teaches me how to fight the whispers inside my head telling me " I cannot do it " We all just need to scream " SILENZOOOO BRUNOOOOO!!" from the top of our lungs! 🥺❤️❤️
Respect 9 ай бұрын
World's best movie Really emotional, Inspirational,Funny too
lobaaluvsart Жыл бұрын
Y'all notice how they only show the little red head girl's dad, but not her mom in the kitchen scene. AND he has like a butcher knife attached to a picture of what looks like a sea dragon. I think the mom may have been killed out in the sea by one of these monsters 😮😮😮
chariline bigbig
chariline bigbig Жыл бұрын
Her mom is totally fine...
Elli Жыл бұрын
Nah the mom is alive lmao
coquillages. [h]
coquillages. [h] Жыл бұрын
@A U B R E Y yup
A U B R E Y Жыл бұрын
Hey, it's Pixar so honestly that's most likely gonna be the case.
just finished watching it. man, i didn't expect to bawl my eyes out during that train scene 😭
Saverio Zappacosta
Saverio Zappacosta Жыл бұрын
I watched it and I loved it. Nothing groundbreaking, but it makes you feel good. I cried too.
Alpana Das
Alpana Das 6 ай бұрын
Beautiful movie... loved it.
Jack Wheatley
Jack Wheatley Жыл бұрын
What an absolutely beautiful film. One of my favourite Pixars
JUXE Жыл бұрын
Prediction: there will be a climatic scene where it rains you heard it here first
G40ST 7 ай бұрын
And they actually made it pretty good
Vincejoshua Guevarra
Vincejoshua Guevarra 10 ай бұрын
TRUE!!! confirmed I watched it already
smash Жыл бұрын
Hana Alhammadi
Hana Alhammadi Жыл бұрын
Prince_YT Жыл бұрын
See you in 10 years when everybody comes flooding back here from memories
pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky
pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky Жыл бұрын
when I come back to this in 10 years lol
Haru 28
Haru 28 Жыл бұрын
I was here..
💜hoksi messi johseyo 💜
💜hoksi messi johseyo 💜 Жыл бұрын
see you in 10 years
Yukirin Жыл бұрын
See you in 10 years
Just a random Person
Just a random Person Жыл бұрын
STONE Жыл бұрын
This is a heartwarming, lovely movie. Now one of my favorites!!!
Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu Жыл бұрын
Loved this movie. So emotional and good
Feyz H
Feyz H Жыл бұрын
They need to make more movies like this!❤️ italian vibesssss! I want french vibes nextttt!!
Naomi Жыл бұрын
Me: Hmmm this looks like a light-hearted fun movie Trailer: "From the creators of Coco" Me: Oh no
Loullieu Жыл бұрын
@✨🌹Poppy_Fox_Animations🌹✨ OH SHIT-
ガルク Жыл бұрын
Trailer: From the creators of Toy Story Me: oh no
GoldStarBurst Жыл бұрын
Oh no oh God oh hell no I just want two bros two guy pals two buddies hanging out as mermen not something like this no no no someone's gonna die and it's gonna be one of the bros guy pals mates isn't it
My Grandma Had An Asthma Attack And Died Help!!!!
My Grandma Had An Asthma Attack And Died Help!!!! Жыл бұрын
@Damian Tinkler even tho it meant it was sad, there's a shitload of people who hate it like wtf lmao
Damian Tinkler
Damian Tinkler Жыл бұрын
@My Grandma Had An Asthma Attack And Died Help!!!! well yea but the comment meant it was sad
Starmis Жыл бұрын
I think that this is gonna work right now since I am interested to see a subversion of a legend, make beautiful animation, well done voice casts, and something I am wondering right now to get invested on how/why they have this ability to do so. If this has emotional moments like Coco and give a great story to compare like Inside Out and be funny like the old Pixar movies, I see this being a really great pixar movie. But lets see this summer.
David Anderson
David Anderson Жыл бұрын
I just watched this movie & it was AWESOME..! 😋👍 And 4 those people who are hating on this movie: SILENZIO BRUNO..! 🛵⭐🛵⭐🛵
Desi_Vloggers 11 ай бұрын
Literally I watched one of the best movie ever today .. Luca is a masterpiece ... Literally awesome movie... ❤️❤️❤️ Oscar level ✌️✌️
Acelee Жыл бұрын
Luca feels like home It reminds me so much of childhood... Of the good times It's hitting me all like a truck Idk, or maybe it just arrived at the perfect time
meet you at the after party
meet you at the after party Жыл бұрын
When you mix coco and moana together to make a new movie:
SwiftCurry 7 ай бұрын
And some finding nemo suspense
Aaditya Hursale
Aaditya Hursale 7 ай бұрын
And a touch of Encanto..
Julian Burke
Julian Burke 7 ай бұрын
And add a little encanto
Stephanie Prpa
Stephanie Prpa 8 ай бұрын
For those who remember the old cartoon Prince of Atlantis Luca is similar to it
Neon Fidget Spinner Gaming
Neon Fidget Spinner Gaming 8 ай бұрын
But coco is mexican
Laughing Man With a Moustache
Laughing Man With a Moustache 7 ай бұрын
I feel like the lesson the movie's telling me is when you're little kids, you wish for a dream that might be a little hard to achieve, or like wishing stick together forever, especially when you're best friends. But as you grow you grow to realize that you might grow apart, and you're bound to go in different paths, do what's best for each of us.
Christian Bonsadan
Christian Bonsadan Жыл бұрын
I really admired this movie. It shows how a friend value his/her friends
baguette 10 ай бұрын
I watched this movie. I haven’t liked many movies lately, but this movie was different. It had a light storyline, (with pretty emotional scenes too) lovely characters, etc. I sincerely suggest watching this movie, it’s really good.
Andieniable Жыл бұрын
I love the colours, and the movie itself. Bravo!
Kar En Tuk
Kar En Tuk Жыл бұрын
"From the creators of: Coco, Inside Out, Wall•E" -already crying terribly
InfinitePossibilities Жыл бұрын
sad it didnt include Onward. . . I cried a lot in that movie.
ㅤ   ㅤ   ㅤ   ㅤ   ㅤ   ㅤ
ㅤ   ㅤ   ㅤ   ㅤ   ㅤ   ㅤ Жыл бұрын
@the radiated star But they are.
DeadEnderX X
DeadEnderX X Жыл бұрын
the radiated star
the radiated star Жыл бұрын
They aren’t sad
Jess B
Jess B Жыл бұрын
Pixar makes some powerful, touching films. Those are all very beautiful movies with heartbreaking parts.
Immensity Жыл бұрын
Just watched it. It's a beautiful movie. A solid 9.5/10
James Finney
James Finney Жыл бұрын
Watched this film tonight, Brilliant, a real rollercoaster of a ride, great ending as always, well done guys.
Izzy OBrien
Izzy OBrien Жыл бұрын
Before we knew about this movie me and my husband decided to name our son Luca!! He’s due on august 18th! 💜😁 I hope to make this his special movie ❤️
Hawraa S. Algarabi
Hawraa S. Algarabi Жыл бұрын
Congrats already plus luca’s name is so beautiful 💜
-seekingthelight Жыл бұрын
Awww early congrats on the baby!! 💕
Shubham Rane
Shubham Rane 5 ай бұрын
Animes will go on but pixers animated movies will bring all the emotions out. I still remember my first animated movie was Finding Nemo it always on my phone downloaded so that I can watch anyday.
Johny Bottle
Johny Bottle Жыл бұрын
Am I the only one that when I see this art thinks about "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". Especialy with the father character.
Poopypoopypoo Жыл бұрын
Yes same here
Topias H
Topias H Жыл бұрын
Wow your right
Ty Жыл бұрын
Omg yesssss
Wuskevo Жыл бұрын
Familiar, more like family
ilovematcha Жыл бұрын
Waittt ur so rightI knew their characters looked familiar!
Mugz D.
Mugz D. Жыл бұрын
from the creators of films with emotional hit, while playing "please dont take my sunshine away" sensing im gonna be emotionally compromised by this film..
イɐʞ𝕚乙𝕦ʞɐ Жыл бұрын
Its just a fairy tale movie yet I almost cried at the end... 😢😭 Glad that I have watch this full movie ❤❤❤
•Alberto Scorfano•
•Alberto Scorfano• Жыл бұрын
Glad you watched it too!
Banufshay Жыл бұрын
I have never been more excited for a movie since coco, the animation is incredible 💙
Glyne Binamira
Glyne Binamira Жыл бұрын
I must say I kinda underestimated this movie. It was a great catch to see how the trailer is made. BUT the STORY IS REALLY SOMETHING!!! I just finished watching this, with my family. I WAS REALLY MOVED and didn't even realize I already shed a tear towards the end. ITS JUST AMAZING!!! If you've watched COCO, this one will surely be a treat!!. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. DISNEY-PIXAR DID IT AGAIN!💫
Zack Daamachi
Zack Daamachi 4 ай бұрын
Its amazing, and actually they made you feel it and this is the true summer in Italy
Wxirdo ❤︎ #ROADTO220SUBS!
Wxirdo ❤︎ #ROADTO220SUBS! Жыл бұрын
I watched this movie and it was absolutely amazing
Chris BH
Chris BH Жыл бұрын
Finally something from Disney that is not thrash. Kudos to Pixar.
InfinitePossibilities Жыл бұрын
there not all bad i dont think. just. . . most of them
Chris BH
Chris BH Жыл бұрын
@InfinitePossibilities Toy Story was okay. Not the best like the old ones but okay for me.
InfinitePossibilities Жыл бұрын
Well I mean, toy story was good (imo).
InfinitePossibilities Жыл бұрын
Well I mean, toy story was good (imo).
Chris BH
Chris BH Жыл бұрын
@InfinitePossibilities yes! I love those two! Beside those i can’t find another one.
Meow Жыл бұрын
Damn it was really good ,in the end its just so emotional for his friend to be apart with him.
Andreea Жыл бұрын
spoiler boule
•Alberto Scorfano•
•Alberto Scorfano• Жыл бұрын
Yeah.. after he left I was crying for a few days but me and Giulia’s dad are fine now!
Erik D
Erik D Жыл бұрын
I’ve always wanted an Italian princess but I’m happy with this
maeve Жыл бұрын
ariel is italian! But she’s a fish so.. yeah
Erik D
Erik D Жыл бұрын
@Vito Certosino certo
Vito Certosino
Vito Certosino Жыл бұрын
Ever heard of '' Buongiorno Principessa! '' aka Life is Beautiful?
BiG Smoke
BiG Smoke Жыл бұрын
@cool person Pixar animated movie not a Disney animated movie
Migs N.
Migs N. Жыл бұрын
Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar makes their own films
philip Жыл бұрын
Wow the best movie I’ve seen i a while
Joash Жыл бұрын
Just finished watching this and it is a beautiful movie 🌊💧
bts fan
bts fan 4 ай бұрын
Very nice movie 😊😊😊😊😊😊
rian reyes
rian reyes 8 ай бұрын
I love it so much😍😍😍 its not the usual Pixar offer. The story was like Hayao Miyazaki’ish…. It was 5 star for me…
Kasey Washington
Kasey Washington Жыл бұрын
"From the creators of Coco, Inside Out, Toy Story..." Me: dammit this is gonna make me ugly-cry, isn't it?
Nooroa Kamana
Nooroa Kamana Жыл бұрын
Hey I like watching Coco too because that is my favourite movie too
༺♰  jay  ♰༻
༺♰ jay ♰༻ Жыл бұрын
I watched it ab 10 times. Cried EVERY SINGLE TIME.
shushles Жыл бұрын
yes, yes it will and probably already did
Loullieu Жыл бұрын
Grab the tissues man
InfinitePossibilities Жыл бұрын
I'm kinda sad they didn't include Onward. It was a really good movie, it was just bad luck that it happened during COVID.
CallMeKath 5 ай бұрын
Waiting for the part 2 of this movie
WamblesBambles Жыл бұрын
This is one of my favorite movies it reminds me how I wanna spend the rest of my childhood (13-19) but instead my mom won’t let me go anywhere 🥲
Shady Жыл бұрын
I love how Pixar is always coming up with new designs for their characters while Disney just keeps recoloring the same models
Shady Жыл бұрын
@Pink Perfume Fairy Disney owns Pixar but Pixar studios are separate from Disney's Disney only publishes the Movies but Pixar does all the work on their movies Get your facts right
Shady Жыл бұрын
@Fatima A i find it hard not to
Fatima A
Fatima A Жыл бұрын
No comparing please
Lam Norbu
Lam Norbu Жыл бұрын
I love Luca movie... this movie is awesome ❤ Should also be Luca 2 ❤
Omega Synth
Omega Synth Жыл бұрын
"From the creators of everything that has made you cry your eyes out"
Mr. Guest
Mr. Guest Жыл бұрын
Coco was sad
RPN Fandoms Fun
RPN Fandoms Fun Жыл бұрын
@acid cup Lol THANKS!!! 😂
acid cup
acid cup Жыл бұрын
RPN Fandoms Fun
RPN Fandoms Fun Жыл бұрын
"Take a journey to bawl your eyes once more, but in Italian."
Slicerry Жыл бұрын
D Жыл бұрын
Trailer is amazing. It didn't spoil the whole movie like i thought they would've have
Amber Lee
Amber Lee Жыл бұрын
My friend Emma was in this and I’m so proud of her!
Dryshark 10 ай бұрын
I love this movie so MUCHHHH i watched this earlier with my aunt and my aunt's gf enjoyed it so much!
MrRoblox 2.0
MrRoblox 2.0 Жыл бұрын
I liked this movie a lot
ZBroadcast Жыл бұрын
Plot twist: Literally everyone in the town is a sea monster trying to hide the fact by pretending to hate sea monsters and are completely oblivious of each other. Edit: Just to be clear here, this is a joke. Thought it would be kinda ironic if everyone turned out to be a sea monster. In no way am I actually a Time Traveler or an Oracle spoiling the movie.
Valeria Жыл бұрын
Well you were kinda right
draco Жыл бұрын
draco Жыл бұрын
I Жыл бұрын
no, they aren't but the 2 old ladies are sea monsters
Bro you must have watched it earlier
Sannn 11 ай бұрын
We should start a #Luca2 so we can get some hope for a sequel
seal Жыл бұрын
This movie is absolutely beautiful.
Reineke Жыл бұрын
Yeah that’s what Italian childhood is, not just -friends- yet brothers going through all kinds of nonsense and trouble. Definitely interested in that one, for sure 🇮🇹
Rosha Fam
Rosha Fam Жыл бұрын
Oml I want a part two this movie is sooo good✋🏽❤️
Moblin Moe
Moblin Moe Жыл бұрын
This actually looks cute as heck for a change, no baby character with a head 10 times the size of the body and barely visible arms/leggs with flower eyes. No potty jokes, or excessive cringy humor.
e 9 ай бұрын
@Anna Tabner how to train your dragon series
Jake H
Jake H Жыл бұрын
Someone’s been watching Boss Baby haha
Winwin Paloms
Winwin Paloms Жыл бұрын
fluffy the cat
fluffy the cat Жыл бұрын
Aqua.Dot908 Жыл бұрын
@Anna Tabner The Bee Movie wasn't THAT bad, it just felt like a fever dream the entire time Plus, Dream Works made Shrek 1, 2, and 4 (I guess); The Kung-Fu Panda series; HTTYD; Prince Of Egypt; Road To Eldorado; Spirit; Megamind; Rise Of The Guardians; etc I mean, 4 or 5 bad movies shouldn't taint a good animation studio
Lexter John Sapuay
Lexter John Sapuay Жыл бұрын
I watched it already and i love this movie the characters are so cute even luca 😊❤️
Jeniffer Longoria
Jeniffer Longoria Жыл бұрын
Who else already saw this amazing movie 🤩
mihail aep
mihail aep Жыл бұрын
Such a good movie 100% recommend to watch
Emma Жыл бұрын
I just finished watching it.. my new fav Disney movie!
hotdamndan Жыл бұрын
What I learned from Pixar: don't be fooled with its fun bouncy trailer,. Cause that movie is about to hit like a MF. lol
VikkiVicks Жыл бұрын
tsukki Жыл бұрын
I just watched the movie and it's amazing!
Mohammad Rio
Mohammad Rio Жыл бұрын
This movie is beautiful... Love it...
Ofri Жыл бұрын
Great movie! I enjoyed it!
YailiTheAMRTRCAndHopFan2007 #SaveUkraine
YailiTheAMRTRCAndHopFan2007 #SaveUkraine Жыл бұрын
This Movie Is Gonna Be So Awesome 😁!
Schoolplague Жыл бұрын
I don’t like watermelon but when those kids were eating it, it looked good asf
Enderbragen1 Жыл бұрын
I'm more of a cantaloupe person
Sammy Жыл бұрын
• tatxchu •
• tatxchu • Жыл бұрын
Yeah it did, but it looked to pink ya know watermelons are more of a reddish pink color
Pink Perfume Fairy
Pink Perfume Fairy Жыл бұрын
@Azrael Krabby Patty ?
Nathan Corcoran
Nathan Corcoran Жыл бұрын
Pretty amazing movie.
Aarushi Mishra
Aarushi Mishra Жыл бұрын
Luca is very nice movie I had watched today 😄 thanks for creating such a nice and magical movies
Agent Blu
Agent Blu Жыл бұрын
This movie exceeded my expectations
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