Minecraft Mob Vote 2021: What's The Most Useful Mob?

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Taking a look at all 3 mobs of this years mob vote.
Glare, allay or copper golem?

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Nightmare Rp
Nightmare Rp 5 күн бұрын
how about all of them?
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 20 күн бұрын
you forgot the most important stuff for me in the copper golem, its a player detector that can activate farms and stuff when a player is nearby because it would not press buttons until the players are charging it
L. Z.
L. Z. 28 күн бұрын
I'm really starting to hate these community votes. they always say "the rest will be added later". they never added any of the things that didnt win. Literally just pointless "community" shmoozing.
L. Z.
L. Z. 27 күн бұрын
@helicopter so it's game design by committee. that's rubbish.
helicopter 27 күн бұрын
They never said that the losers will be added later, all they said was that they weren't completely off the table.
Bulanook Ай бұрын
Does pillagers swimming in the background of the begging are chill😎
Illogical Thinking
Illogical Thinking Ай бұрын
If you want to find dark spots, just turn the light blending down. They would REALLY have to work the Glar sounds to perfection for it to not be maddening, since it would probably make a noise longer than 0.3 seconds basically every time you place a torch, and when the sounds are used as feedback to the player, they have to be instantly recognizeable, which means they would have to be very similar, and would pretty much be psychological torture. Allay. The only one, that has new mechanics, that can not be replicated with any current mechanics in the game. Copper golem. If you really wanted what this can do, you would've done the following or similar a long time ago: Put a zombie in a room, villagers in the walls unreachable to the zombie, pressureplates in front of each villager to act as the button and to block the zombie's line of sight to the villager, forcing it to find another target. for oxidation levels, use water on the floor or soul sand changable with conveyor floor, combinations of soul speed, baby an adult zombie and so on. To change the zombie, close off all villager cells and open trapdoors and line of sight to a villager cell in the middle of the room, release a new, faster or slower zombie depending on the oxidation level of a copper block on the top of the build. That's a copper golem... I don't understand why anyone voted for anything but the Allay. Was it because "it loves to push random buttons" is fun and relatable for some people? Is it because people think yay, wireless redstone? If yes, then they are just wrong. Copper golem can't fly, so you would still need a path for it. That path could have redstone dust on it, and would be a lot faster, more reliable, predictable, harder to break, functional from further away, noiseless, and it doesn't stop working if the weather is good or the construction has any type of roof. The glare would make a bit of sense to vote for, much more sense than copper golem, but it can't travel through blocks, and neither can the player, so finding closed off spaghetti/noodle caves, which is the only lategame thing it's really useful for, would not be easier with it in the game. People, who voted Glare or copper golem, please tell me why. I can't see what I'm missing. If I say you are stupid, I have to be open to the possibility, that I am the stupid one.
Bryan W
Bryan W Ай бұрын
if the copper golem could use tools (such as "give it an axe, and it'll chop down trees" it would have 100% won.) As it stands, modded minecraft will still always be better than vanilla, especially for SP worlds where you don't have time to collect manually hundreds of thousands of blocks.
Chiron Ай бұрын
What if the copper golems returns in the future as a means of implementing auto crafting? And maybe even some other player interactions like placing blocks.
Micah Mock
Micah Mock Ай бұрын
Ilmango showing us that the copper golem could be replaced by a sapling: 15:50
Lollo Ай бұрын
They just need to do all three. They've done this several times now, where they present mob types that people love. Lots of work was already put into their design
Ville Saari
Ville Saari Ай бұрын
All these functionalities could be given to the copper golem. It could collect items by default but if it's only one oxidation state above turning to a gargoyle, it would start pressing buttons in a hope that some of them would activate a contraption that deoxidizes it. And if you hold an axe in your hand, then a waxed copper golem would be afraid you could scrape the wax off of it and tries to hide in the nearest dark spot.
Declan Kelly
Declan Kelly Ай бұрын
and it could fly?
Light De
Light De Ай бұрын
SciCraft chooses slaves.
123taco567 Ай бұрын
Ok listen with the allay we already can do everything that it does using hoppers and item streams, but with the copper golem it at least can be a cool looking statue that’s also a very cute mob
Declan Kelly
Declan Kelly Ай бұрын
you literally didnt watch the video lol
Get The Chillz
Get The Chillz Ай бұрын
I mean... no we can't do everything that the allay does with other means. But using the copper golem as a statue would be amazing for decoration. That's by far the biggest reason I hope they add the copper golem in the future.
Brian Scaramella
Brian Scaramella Ай бұрын
Idea!: What if the copper golem could be used for automated crafting? I know it lost the vote, but it could be a good way to get automated crafting in the future?
Randall Volk
Randall Volk Ай бұрын
What if the a copper golem could store lightning and use it in its next attack against a mob. That would have been a nice feature.
Chiron Ай бұрын
If you've ever played Factorio, the Allay reminds me a bit of the inventory robots... And that's hype af
Chiron Ай бұрын
The Allay is definitely the most obviously useful, but I do hope they revisit the golem concept in the future by giving them more that they can do. Perhaps they could be a substitute for players, able to automate things that still require a player interaction. They could even be given weapons and set loose in a mob farm to collect XP that can be stored with the new Sculk blocks. Lots of ideas for them that are more than a random button presser.
ErikderFreak Ай бұрын
Poor Allays, so many gonna die in the tunnel-bore :D
Chips Zed
Chips Zed Ай бұрын
the game doesn't need more mobs, it needs optimizing and untangling. but that doesn't get periodic resubscriptions to realms every update so unfortunately these cash grabs will pollute the game until the spaghetti code is undone, by which time there will be so much useless bloat added that it wont even be worth modding
henry Ай бұрын
i dont really get your points here. youre saying its better to use a mod than to use the glare mob? not everyone is a technical sci-craft player and wants to cover the entire game with obnoxious numbers on blocks. youre acting like this game is a spreadsheet for the majority of players when the reality is the technical community is by far the minority here
Declan Kelly
Declan Kelly Ай бұрын
@henry Everyone will be able to tell where mobs cab spawn in the new update. Maybe with the current lighting system the glare would be useful, but not in 1.19
henry Ай бұрын
@Declan Kelly people who use even f3 are in the minority. also bedrock players cant be ignored either
Declan Kelly
Declan Kelly Ай бұрын
oh you can literally press f3, or even just tell where mobs can spawn cause in the new update they can only spawn in light level 1...
Joe Craft
Joe Craft Ай бұрын
I was wondering if it's(copper golem) solid form could be picked up and moved, or was it just stuck there. If so, it could have a unique height. Not going to be useful unless it is unbreakable by mobs.
Talin Peacy
Talin Peacy Ай бұрын
I love the idea of the copper golem as just a mob in general but wish it had different uses. The allay is just a really convenient sorting and inventory tool. Having a bunch of these following you would effectively give you so much extra space for junk blocks and cheap item ferrying. Imagine having a sort of allay detector contraption dropping items to be carried to a new location along a chain. They could easily become a whole logistics system unto themselves. The copper golem has the benefit of being something you can make and ties into any sort of aesthetic redstone role easily. Toss your passport at the golem, it gets sucked into a passport checker and then reveals a button for the golem to press, opening the gate. Set up buttons around a factory and have them operating unknowable machinery or control panels. Set up siege weapons and have them start blasting. Make mini games where you progress along side a little golem who can fit where you can't easily. Use them as rapid or weighted randomizers as distance and number of buttons can easily be changed to tweak things as can toggling access to certain buttons to change modes of operation. Both mobs have many uses, one just has better AI.
yung muney
yung muney Ай бұрын
I really feel like some of these mob's mechanics and purpose are what older mobs should've had. The bat could've had the mechanics the Glare has, the Parrot could easily done what the Allay does. The copper golem is the most unique of the bunch, can't really think of a mob that could have the mechanics this one has, besides maybe the fox???
yuri Ай бұрын
i always felt like mobs should only be able to spawn when there is a larger dark area, so extend the old logic to also need at least 9 connected spawn places. because its silly how a mob decides to spawn on that single light level 7 tile within a hugely lit area.
Andrew Evenson
Andrew Evenson Ай бұрын
Thank you for making this, all I saw was how copper golems would be the first redstone randomizer in minecraft. As someone who knows little about redstone I didn’t realize those people were just ignorant to the fact that randomizers already exist.
A.W. Hughes
A.W. Hughes Ай бұрын
Hear me out. I know that many people on your server, and nowadays are looking at Minecraft more technically, however, I think copper golem should be given a chance on the premise that it is very useful for adventure maps and different contraptions where you force the player to go down random paths, and things like that.
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl Ай бұрын
Randomizers already exist...
Plasma Struck
Plasma Struck Ай бұрын
One thing that would be nice for the allay, is when opening its inventory, having a button to toggle the sensitivity to item types.
Zeek Ай бұрын
For the allay, and the NBT sensitivity, it would need exceptions; Sure it works well for enchanted books, but enchanted armor, potions, and tools from farms may or may not be useful depending on if you want a specific type or enchant only, or to pick up all of an item type. If in it's interface, a toggle for *specific* or *similar* items would fix that issue.
JBWarsmith Ай бұрын
Imagine being so afraid to not get your way, that you make a video filled with "facts" base on speculation and vague promises... Shame on you, ilmango, for trying to sway people to vote for your favourite rather than encourage people to make up their own mind! Also... "There's really no need for the copper golem in the game"!? Who the F**K are you to decide what this game needs or not...!? YOU are a technical player. Just because something isnt useful to you, it doesnt mean it's not useful to everyone else!
Ryan Kriller
Ryan Kriller Ай бұрын
ilmango's talking from a technical perspective, and the majority his audience is most likely a technical minecrafter audience as well. is informing people what will be more useful than others in certain aspects of the game a shameful thing to do? it's not. it's literally ilmango expressing his opinion on which mob would be the most useful in the farming aspects of the game, and not the builder/map creator aspects of the game. if you wanted the golem for it being a randomizer, there's already randomizers you can build that can do the same thing. Additionally, randomizers barely have any use to the technical community; they are not desirable in farms. "Shame on you, ilmango, for trying to sway people to vote for your favourite rather than encourage people to make up their own mind!" This here is a bit ironic, as the video is made to inform people more about each mob's capabilities and their applications in the game, so that they can form a better opinion on which mob would benefit them the most. I've seen comments saying "they're cute," a mob being cute does not have any practical application in the game. similarly, there's a reason why campaigns for elections exist. they are to persuade the population to vote for them. is this shameful? no, it's not. it's simply appealing to the population about the benefits of voting for them, so that they can have better chances to win the election. it's a fair method. One bad example was last year's vote when Dream tweeted "GLOWSQUID GLOWSQUID GLOWSQUID.." I've even heard rumors of dream giving follow backs for doing so. Dream wasn't giving any reason besides the fact that it glows, which it doesn't, actually. And due to his popularity, a mass of people who didn't properly think about who they're voting for, voted for the glowsquid, but based on the resulting aftermath, many people regretted voting for the glowsquid, as they simply followed dream's whims. There is always the exception where people genuinely wanted the glowsquid, but i'm pretty sure those people are small in number compared to the other two mob advocators.
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl Ай бұрын
Now that is funny 😂
Declan Kelly
Declan Kelly Ай бұрын
He's a technical player. When he says there's no need for the copper golem it's because it has 0 unique technical applications, while the allay has countless. There's really no need to shame someone for sharing facts online
The Great Scribbles
The Great Scribbles Ай бұрын
The copper golem is a bit useless but I'm still gonna vote for him I just love em
isaac ribeiro
isaac ribeiro Ай бұрын
6:35 nice we can have drones like factorio
Król Kot Pog
Król Kot Pog Ай бұрын
mohd nazim rosli
mohd nazim rosli Ай бұрын
Plot twist. You can only get Allay by "taming" Vex and they have low health n no way to heal them. RiP. On the bright side , Allay won and i cant wait to see ilmango use them in his machines.
Vhon's Games atbp.
Vhon's Games atbp. Ай бұрын
Hey @Ilmango can you tell me why you have so many people in yoir subscription that doesnt make vids anymore?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lesbian frost queen lol
Lesbian frost queen lol Ай бұрын
bonny Ай бұрын
if you give a item to allay, he will bring you a item like this
Not Goron
Not Goron Ай бұрын
Allay really was the best choice, glad it won. The golem would have been fine I think but the Glare would have ended up another glow squid
Leeroy the Reaper Leviathan
Leeroy the Reaper Leviathan Ай бұрын
I Just Hope No1 rigs the Vote again(dream) and we get a useless Mob Like the glowsquid last time
BSuGw Ай бұрын
I genuinely believe nothing positive comes from the mob votes.
Kla rsicht
Kla rsicht Ай бұрын
The glare would've also been the cutest mob :(
Thijn Sijtsma
Thijn Sijtsma Ай бұрын
Please make a video with original minecraft traps
arPos Kraft
arPos Kraft Ай бұрын
summary; glare will be useless due to the changes in mob spawn rules... the allay will be useless because where ever ud have items laying about (mining) you arnt going to bring noteblocks and hoppers with you and you will also not have pickaxes in any amount just lying on the floor, en the copper golem will be useless because randomizers already exist
Elyzeon Ай бұрын
Then you didn't wTch the video. The allay is useful.
I will vote Allay
Elyzeon Ай бұрын
It's already over
Aiden van Dijk
Aiden van Dijk Ай бұрын
You had a huge bias to the allay, I get it you think it's better, but personally I prefer the copper golem since huge randomisation is pretty complicated, which isn't the case for huge item sorting, I also just think the copper golem being able to make random tiny things happen like lamps activating and other shenanigans is pretty awesome, but this is completely replaceable by the sapling setup. If the allay is implemented like we wish, it might work for tunnel bores, which is absolutely awesome, but I honestly think it would be too slow and you would need so many allays. Honestly I just think it's too slow to be viable but idk, I hope I'm proven wrong with how they implement it in the game (also for the non stackable items, I don't really see that being necessary but it's not like I run an awesome server where I break the mechanics of the game)
Murali Krishna
Murali Krishna Ай бұрын
Hey! Ilmango please upgrade shulker farm using shadow items that was featured in docm77 video , I am lazy to test and build, so please upgrade and make a tutorial on it
Atomspalter Ай бұрын
Loper Ай бұрын
The Glare might actually have some use for hardcore players, new players or people who can’t find torches on their first few days. Allay will be very useful for farms or collecting items you lost on a journey, but here’s the catch; the Allay is attracted by noteblocks but noteblocks are quite expensive and could take a while. And it’s not like many people make farms in their survival worlds. And for the last time, the Allay does NOT duplicate items. It looks for nearby, dropped items. Like saplings falling out a tree. Then the Copper Golem. The Copper Golem will bring 2 things to the game. Copper buttons and the golems. This will give a much better use for copper as it is very cheap in caves. Speaking of caves, I would like it if the Glare and the Copper Golem would both be released as they can both help eachother alongside an Allay, sadly only one mob will be released. Anyways, the Copper Golem presses copper buttons randomly which will be pretty good for some farms, and you can wax the golem too! Anyways, my top mob is most probably the Allay because it’s pretty useful. But the Copper Golem might also be pretty cool!
netherite sword
netherite sword Ай бұрын
I wish the glare could at least place torches or anything that uses light so it isn't useless
CringeContentGaming Ай бұрын
I remember when Minecraft added creepers and skeletons years ago it was one of the most amazing things I had seen in Minecraft
Cameron Barlin
Cameron Barlin Ай бұрын
Could you have used the Copper Golem for an easier Charged Creeper farm?
Cameron Barlin
Cameron Barlin Ай бұрын
@Elyzeon Yeah, look, you make a good argument. I fully have not slept in 2 days and I did not consider that. Somewhere between "The Lightning Rod will be part of the crafting" and "The usefulness of a mob that could attract lightning" my brain switched off for a moment and then I thought, "Oh if you can attract lightning, you can make a charged creeper farm" and then I just left that as a comment instead of thinking about it for any amount of time at all. I think I should go to bed. Thanks for the reality check.
Elyzeon Ай бұрын
How?? Lightning rods exist
Black_knight Ай бұрын
cant belive they add u in the game so excited for that
Cube SCP
Cube SCP Ай бұрын
I think is the mob would added in Minecraft is the allay
Naythlamer _
Naythlamer _ Ай бұрын
Allay has no purpose at least in farms because of hoppers existance , being innacurate possible just like bees on medium range or above. Allay is trash only to good carry extra stone out of mining I suppose or carry bundles / shulkers, I am curious how does to non-stackables otherwise is trash . So basically Allay is Parrot V 2.0 because can dance but a hopper with only 1 type pick-up on each Allay. ( Jeb said before vote that will pick up items only ) At least isn't Glare = F3 . Copper golem would be better because of random generating tick & copper button for building + oxidizing as statue for building ( could be deoxidized )
Ryan Kriller
Ryan Kriller Ай бұрын
"Copper golem would be better because of random generating tick & copper button for building + oxidizing as statue for building ( could be deoxidized )" As a technical player, why would i even use a randomizer? there's no use for it in farms, as randomization is not desirable in pretty much any farm. the allay is much better for my purposes as it replaces the required hopper floors and minecart hopper systems needed for some farms, which takes away the necessity of having to mine hundreds of iron to make such things.
Declan Kelly
Declan Kelly Ай бұрын
You really didn't watch or comprehend anything in this video
Spelli Ай бұрын
Allays are able to sort nonstackable items. Itemsorter + Allysorter = ultimate sorter
Rayne Fangwu
Rayne Fangwu Ай бұрын
If the allay isn't breedable, it'll be a pain to get a lot of. If the allay is breedable, Minecraft could die to lag.
Minecanator MC
Minecanator MC Ай бұрын
So funny that ilmango didn't even see diamonds 😂
NotDream9217 Ай бұрын
Im still sad the copper golem didnt win :(
Alex Bigal
Alex Bigal Ай бұрын
I though of something, what if there was complete automated resource gathers, by exploding an area, then sending the allays out, then calling them back with note blocks
Barkaelon Ай бұрын
I think we should be able to program the allay by placing item frames on the noteblock. This would also signal the allay on which side to drop the item
Horatio yen
Horatio yen Ай бұрын
8:20 i didn't know that leaf blocks broke that fast now
Ryan Kriller
Ryan Kriller Ай бұрын
he probably changes the randomtickspeed. depending on how high randomtickspeed is, (default speed is 3) crops can grow faster, grass can spread faster, *tree leaves decay faster*, etc.
Horatio yen
Horatio yen Ай бұрын
still sad that mob c wasn't added
Jacob Robino
Jacob Robino Ай бұрын
I hope that it CAN'T distinguish between enchantments. That way, when it's sorting through the loot of a mob farm, ALL leather gear goes into lava, ALL chainmail goes into furnaces, etc. It'd be able to pull enchanted books out of a water stream in a raid farm and put them in their own storage container.
helicopter Ай бұрын
@Jacob Robino Yeah, that's what I wish for.
Jacob Robino
Jacob Robino Ай бұрын
@helicopter we all have to cross our fingers and hope that it works the way we want. Personally, I will be happy if it can pick up entire classes of items (e.g. all books) regardless of enchantment. If it can distinguish between enchantments, I hope that it isn't too specific. Imagine if I give it a Looting III Unbreaking III book, but it sees a Looting III Unbreaking II book in my water stream, and can't pick it up. That's useless -- it wouldn't be able to pick up anything. However, if I gave it a Looting III book and it picked up ALL books with that enchantment -- regardless of other enchantments -- it'd be worth it.
helicopter Ай бұрын
I think that for tools and armour it won’t care about enchantments, though they will probably make it for enchantments with enchanted books, so they can be sorted.
Unknown Slayer
Unknown Slayer Ай бұрын
The glare also would have lit up areas for the player, this was confirmed during Minecraft live , I think they dropped the ball not mentioning this in the reveal trailer:(
Sho Nuff
Sho Nuff Ай бұрын
They could just make a dog bark or whimper in the too dark areas..
Sho Nuff
Sho Nuff Ай бұрын
I wish Copper Golem could just AFK as an alt account...
Wolfvale Ай бұрын
Ilmango wants to become the new Borg Queen with the new ally mob.
Lord Kermit
Lord Kermit Ай бұрын
i hope they just add all three, the copper golem looks fun but i feel like the other two mobs would get favor over it
BeefyBoy03 Ай бұрын
Okay okay I know that the glare mob is now officially not going to be in the game but IF IT HAD MADE IT then it’d be a little neat if you could put it in a glass bottle, but other then that it’s a useless and kind of boring/lame idea
psinjo Ай бұрын
I do think that "we don't need the glare, just build a mob switch" is a bit extreme, since most players would really really struggle to get shulker duping working, much less manage it all into a mob switch. But I am honestly much more curious about the allay than the glare
Ranjiba P
Ranjiba P Ай бұрын
A mob Switch is good late game, you don’t need shulker for it though, you can use withers instead. But even if you make a mob switch mob farms won’t work. So the glare is useful, but not as useful as the other mobs.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Ай бұрын
ilmango sounds like my dad: "Give up on your cute dreams and go to school for engineering."
DoctorPoke Ай бұрын
before everyone rants about the allay... allay-powered redstone farms instead of hoppers
Vinícius Dias
Vinícius Dias Ай бұрын
7:16 We can distinguish elytras from those unstackables you showed. It behaves just like armor when dispensed on armor stands. I'm excited for the allay though, cus that way we will pretty much be able to sort any unstackable
king jnl
king jnl Ай бұрын
I love the idea of not having to search for tree saplings or that the allay drops items at a note block. But the copper golem is just amazing. I guess the allay would be more usefull but the copper golem more fun. Also I like it as a statue or I would build my auto farms in a factory and let a few of them run around pressing buttens as workers.
hinteregions Ай бұрын
The proposed soon-to-be redundant Glare is several orders of magnitude slower and more inconvenient than pressing F3, wtf. If Mojang asked us not 'which of these three rubbish new mobs do you despair of least' but instead 'please submit your ideas for a new mob to be voted on by the community' we might get something decent.
blackninja Ай бұрын
The people have spoken the allay won!
jjtanks XP
jjtanks XP Ай бұрын
Tanmay Jain
Tanmay Jain Ай бұрын
allay won!
Melty Ай бұрын
Bruh honestly that’s one of the stupidest reasons on one the reasons one how the green guy can be good if ur in a village u can see when it’s night so just look at the sky and send them into homes
Tobias A. G.
Tobias A. G. Ай бұрын
Best part of the video is Ilmago's recreation of the mobs in game XD
tereyağlı kedi
tereyağlı kedi Ай бұрын
Allay was win YAY
GaudyMarrko Ай бұрын
And to no one's surprise Allay wins by a landslide.
Fearsome Warrior
Fearsome Warrior Ай бұрын
Give the Allay an iron block. Then pour iron ingots around it from an iron farm. No more manual crafting. GG Minecraft.
Schobbish Ай бұрын
@BloodySoap a man can dream right
BloodySoap Ай бұрын
u cant craft with an allay
TidePodDev Ай бұрын
Copper golem LETS GO
Oceanliner Suv
Oceanliner Suv Ай бұрын
Save items pick ally
robo Ай бұрын
I think mojang should make it so the Allay could craft items if he finds all the items to make it like you ask hik for blaze powder but there are only blaze rods on the ground, the allay would pick up the blaze rods and craft items. I think it would also be better if the copper golem had programmable AI, or a way to tell him what buttins ti press in what order, you could condense big and complex redstone machines into one single robot, and having a robot pressing your buttons instead of redstone is just cool
TheMasterSpy Ай бұрын
Video hasn’t started but whatever he chooses I choose:D
Bryce Minecraft
Bryce Minecraft Ай бұрын
More like least useless
SirBenthr Ай бұрын
The community has screwed this up so bad the last two times, so I am not optimistic about this one.
Ведехин Александр
Ведехин Александр Ай бұрын
I'm bad at redstone or decorations so I wanted to choose a mob which would be used by most players. This video helped me choose. Thank you.
Mushroom_hunter Ай бұрын
"allay has the most unique features" smurf vex slower hopper parrots dance too
Dude I'm stoned
Dude I'm stoned Ай бұрын
Try be next dream and get unsubbed. Hey there's one unsub from me. :)
Jordan Caillard
Jordan Caillard Ай бұрын
Cooper golem just for the possibility of using it for decoration statue
Nigel Onetasty
Nigel Onetasty Ай бұрын
First one would have been useful until they make mob spawn in 0 light levels and nothing above. Otherwise it could be a very annoying pet mob making noises in areas where you know mobs won't spawn
fruhlingsbilder Ай бұрын
copper golems would be my favorite
Viridis Coyote
Viridis Coyote Ай бұрын
I'm hoping the Glare will be able to place a glow lichen in a light level 0 location when fed a glowberry.
MKZ3003 Ай бұрын
Or what if your freind dropped a really valubale item like a sword? You could put your sword in it and it would bring back yours and your freinds
Oooooooooooooooooooooo Ай бұрын
Let’s not be fools and choose the glare mob like last time. Lighting up our bases is very easy if you know about torch mechanics. It is better we could get the allay or copper golem it could really with making some crazy lucrative farms.
Evan F
Evan F Ай бұрын
Everyone sitting here saying the glare is useless must not know how annoying it is not having the F3 button.
SweetPotatoe Ай бұрын
I think the coppergolem is cool and could be more usefull as well, if its potential is used fully. To be fair they did not metion any of it. What do i mean by that: well, copper golems oxidise, so why not have the copper buttons also oxidise and have both being able to be waxed as well? Voila, you could make it so that every oxidysation of buttons has a different activation time. Also you could make that golems, depending on their oxidysation-stage, would only press copper buttons that match their own oxidisation-level.
Im happy unless the glare wins
Ale Blanco
Ale Blanco Ай бұрын
design-wise the glare is the best imho but its usefullness is close to 0, you can already see light levels in game with f3 or mods
BangDroid ✪
BangDroid ✪ Ай бұрын
It kind of seems Mojang want us to vote for the Allay. It has had the most development of ideas to integrate it into the game. The others are pretty lacklustre. Glare is almost pointless with light level spawn changes. Copper golem is pretty gimmicky really. There just wasn't a lot of imagination put onto these compared to Allay.
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