Musa Motha shows EXCELLENCE in the face of adversity | Finals | AGT: Fantasy League 2024

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America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent

3 ай бұрын

Musa Motha is here to WIN! Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer act performs to ""Runnin' (Lose It All)"" by Naughty Boy.
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Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Terry Crews welcome back Judge Mel B for an all-new twist on "AGT"! The judges face off for the first time ever as they draft dream teams of returning fan-favorite contestants - but in the end, only one judge and one act will come out on top.
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Musa Motha shows EXCELLENCE in the face of adversity | Finals | AGT: Fantasy League 2024
• Musa Motha shows EXCEL...
America's Got Talent
/ americasgottalent
#AGT #AmericasGotTalent

Пікірлер: 104
@direlyon 3 ай бұрын
GRACE when he dances, when he smiles...Musa deserves the best!
@mtco123 3 ай бұрын
Whether he wins this or not because there are other riskier acts, he will not be forgotten and I see a bright future for him after this. It is hard to choose because everybody has a unique talent and stands out.
@kirkquialquial2399 3 ай бұрын
You'll probably forget
@kimkhun9494 3 ай бұрын
@Emilynannungi 3 ай бұрын
@user-xb4mc6jz6w 3 ай бұрын
He really is an inspiration to the world
@MyzaSdudlaPrrr 3 ай бұрын
You've always been a winner to us, you've been one since the day you won a battle against cancer. I am super proud of you bro 🥺
@RosesAreRed615 3 ай бұрын
Perfect song for the performance, it almost made me cry....
@joshuaamadeusishak1887 3 ай бұрын
He used the same song from his BGT audition. The choreography was similar to his audition but with many changes, so, not exactly the same.
@RosesAreRed615 3 ай бұрын
Who's the artist?
@joshuaamadeusishak1887 3 ай бұрын
@@RosesAreRed615 Naught Boy ft. Beyonce, Arrow Benjamin.
@RosesAreRed615 3 ай бұрын
I knew I heard Beyonce! Thanks!!
@marcos7801 3 ай бұрын
This guy's a class act. He's so humble and kind. No matter what happens Musa's life is gonna change for the better bc it's already beginning to. He's overcome many hurdles in his life and he could've called it quits, but he kept on hoping and dreaming and now it's all coming to fruition.
@rajmathew6220 3 ай бұрын
I love this guy, he's such an inspiration. Hope he continues dancing.
@ConcertgoerJ.R. 3 ай бұрын
Truly inspiring performance and he deserves all of the success in the world!
@jonathanhsu1281 3 ай бұрын
Very inspirational!
@adeleyemathew2112 3 ай бұрын
This guy is really amazing 🔥🔥🔥 if this guy is in Nigeria and the show, he has won it already! Easily if you know you know!!
@Opendoordesignsonja 3 ай бұрын
So proud of you ... from South Africa!!!!!!🎉❤
@sterling8298 3 ай бұрын
He shined as bright as the sun out there on that at stage. He always dances his heart out.😊
@roefox3260 3 ай бұрын
Emotion meets talent- what a light.
@cherylalt101 3 ай бұрын
Beautiful performance. He is a wonderful dancer and very inspiring. At the very least, he should become an amazing choreographer who is in demand by artists around the world. Love to see him dance!
@Blueeyes0102 3 ай бұрын
Such an amazing person and and amazing performer!!! I love watching him and I was emotional …he’s just incredible and can move better with one leg then some people who have 2 legs!!! He def is an inspiration!!! Sending love from New Jersey ❤
@Moviesforyouhere 3 ай бұрын
This proves that your resilience transcends physical impairment. Brilliant!
@my10baby 3 ай бұрын
What an emotional dance routine
@wendymurray1195 3 ай бұрын
We are proud of you, well done. You are a very special person
@TheBestFrog 3 ай бұрын
Unbelievable performance by Musa! ❤
@bangboombam 3 ай бұрын
The stage and the performance are beauuuuuuuuutiful!
@walugembewynand2787 3 ай бұрын
Proud of u son.....well done..all the love from Uganda❤
@jasminesaldarriaga5429 3 ай бұрын
He was amazing he could win too but I love he dancing act ❤
@SuperCHERISHED 3 ай бұрын
This handsome young man is absolutely phenomenal! Congratulations! Wow! His strength begins in the mind! I am inspired to stop feeling sorry for myself and celebrate the abilities I have!
@randomgirly004 3 ай бұрын
I love Musa, he’s so good and such and inspiration,
@mazvitaselemani 3 ай бұрын
He dances in theatre in London, so if you're wondering what's with the pause in the end, it's for a dramatic effect. In my opinion this isn't his best routine and it feels like a step below his semi finals performance which was phenomenal. I think if he performed his BGT finals performance this would've been more of a winner performance, nevertheless I hope the best for him. Well done for representing SA 🤩🤩
@SpyroTek 3 ай бұрын
I thought exactly the same. Obviously he is great but this wasn't his best performance.
@jennycadot3635 3 ай бұрын
Wow! I got tears in my eyes, truly a heartfelt dance! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@theavengers. 3 ай бұрын
Another beautiful performance
@shakirabells6955 3 ай бұрын
Gosh his dance is incredible just amazing just ❤❤❤ it just good luck to you for me your a winner also 🎉🎉🎉
@user-kd5if7zd2h 3 ай бұрын
He spoke and demonstrated to all we each one of us must never loose ourselves no matter the adversity we go through. We make choices God is with us all the way. Never lose yourself as I find as I find myself. Keep it up you are amazing.
@josevillanueva9705 3 ай бұрын
This man is graceful beyond belief
@ufuomaogigirigi5140 3 ай бұрын
He must win. He is already my winner
@georgesunnywilliams9731 3 ай бұрын
I got goosebumps 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤
@mbyrd6713 3 ай бұрын
Oh wow, he’s absolutely amazing! ❤
@vbvoeurn 3 ай бұрын
If I lose myself, I lose it all. Right for my life story.
@discoqueenmom 3 ай бұрын
Gave me chills❤
@peytonclark1353 3 ай бұрын
This guy is legendary!
@BoldLion 3 ай бұрын
Musa you remind me of David! Your a giant slayer! Remember how David had so many opportunities to kill Saul but he didn't. Brother your humility is out of this world. We all could learn to be more humble especially us Americans. We need to let go of our pride and just push forward! Forget our past and love each other in the present!! I wish we could be friends in real life!
@jamescorkern1665 3 ай бұрын
Choice of song and first performance. Made me cry legit. It’s not about it being crazy talent but just the whole performance and person behind it I guess…
@theresasears5968 3 ай бұрын
Amazing young man😊❤
@gaybi0333 3 ай бұрын
so much emotion !
@siblingcat4765 3 ай бұрын
I couldn't more proud❤
@MsINSANE2 3 ай бұрын
@ReachTheMassesLakeland 2 ай бұрын
Congratulations 🎉🎉🎊💐👏👍💯
@Ronzell357 2 ай бұрын
Made me cry on god amazing motivation
@anitasese3980 3 ай бұрын
Oooh Musa!🥺🔥🔥
@mandlovie 3 ай бұрын
Love this guy❤❤❤
@tonicaughn6529 2 ай бұрын
God bless him 🙏 ❤️ 👏👏👏
@casper2yall 3 ай бұрын
Wow this was incredible, what a awesome AGT final, it’s going to be so hard to choose a winner..
@denilotus5538 10 күн бұрын
Musa kamu keren,pribadimu yang bagus , attitudemu 👌👍 mentalmu kuat dan teguh,dancingmu,senyummu,kamu benar-benar menawan 🥰👌👍💖✨
@joeladam3243 3 ай бұрын
I saw this when i am eating and my tears flew🥹❤
@bafanalionel5749 3 ай бұрын
We always believed that you be this great thank you Home Boy
@raymondk4682 3 ай бұрын
Every Musa's performance made me cry.
@Rara-lu7xx 3 ай бұрын
He’s amazinggggggg
@siskazikekana5819 3 ай бұрын
Am inspired 🎉
@esdrascastiliano2361 3 ай бұрын
My Winner! His semi final act was the best in this season
@nkulinkumbi3764 3 ай бұрын
Mad Proud Musa!!!
@Moretpql 3 ай бұрын
Producer: what should the title be? Random person: HOWIES LINES!! producer: spot on!💯
@chombewixy 3 ай бұрын
That is the finals performance my bro❤
@hriffe1 3 ай бұрын
Wow. Beautiful
@mv5584 3 ай бұрын
Why is this not on our news in SA???
@ifindme623 3 ай бұрын
perfect song for his performance
@vuyolwethutshali8307 3 ай бұрын
🇿🇦❤️we love you
@user-rm9uc6eq1t 3 ай бұрын
Very very goof❤
@justagirlsd3000 3 ай бұрын
He is so amazing and lovely ❤️‍🔥🫶🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😭
@anthonyseverino6694 3 ай бұрын
winner yall
@mildredmunoz7191 3 ай бұрын
Hope he wins ❤❤
@leiladaligues4446 3 ай бұрын
Musa motha deserves to win ❤
@TheMalawianFlorence 3 ай бұрын
@fernwehtwl 3 ай бұрын
I hope he wins 🎉
@joycelane-pt8wr 2 ай бұрын
@maddenlegend922 3 ай бұрын
I was confused near the end. Was he going to do more of his routine? Regardless, an amazing performance. That is talent.
@stevenbeck 3 ай бұрын
Wasn’t this his audition on BGT?
@BeckyMu 3 ай бұрын
@nkosekhayateyise8238 3 ай бұрын
@AfricanstoriesbyMandy Ай бұрын
That was incredible indeed! So Proud of you, Musa!
@jordanlash612 3 ай бұрын
He did amazing great job
@aesthetickuly 3 ай бұрын
I wanted to see more🥰🥹
@Jere-Von_trotz 3 ай бұрын
Great Performance, but this was not his best performance... He looked down.. All the best for him.. Musa🙌
@lauriehumann9659 3 ай бұрын
He has a good chance
@EstherMandolo 3 ай бұрын
Mussa is good looking
@collectiveworld2006 3 ай бұрын
Incredible but sofe dossi still leading
@adithya.garneni 3 ай бұрын
| | vv People who think he should win
@wfvqrvta 3 ай бұрын
this might work at the special olympic but not here
@SeanKapandayan 3 ай бұрын
@bisobokashifa2951 3 ай бұрын
😢 that's my comment😢
@crossoverbunchshow8793 3 ай бұрын
It is the winning act
@dawneprovost7289 3 ай бұрын
I disagree
@crossoverbunchshow8793 3 ай бұрын
@@dawneprovost7289shadow ace is going to win!
@GB-yv5qk 3 ай бұрын
He should have won bgt instead the winner was a guy running about in a high vis vest 🙄
@DalesWorld72 3 ай бұрын
Sympathy votes activated.
@af72332 3 ай бұрын
Lol... not great. Just like the rest of his performances💀
@jdub563 3 ай бұрын
Pushed him forward because of sympathy. I couldn't sit through this performance if he had a Vegas show. I'd get bored after 3 minutes. Good luck to him but he took a slot from a lot of good acts that could have put on a really good finals performance.
@WizardX0891 3 ай бұрын
Not worth it, people just show mercy not really the talent
@jolantap6605 3 ай бұрын
Niesamowite !
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