Ninja World Open November 2023 Finals

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Sports Club Vallentuna

Sports Club Vallentuna

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Ninja World Open 2023 finals from Sports Club in Vallentuna, Sweden. Featuring professional OCR athletes Jonathan Stiig (SWE), Leon Kofoed (NOR), Elias Erdtman (SWE), Tommy Nordvang (NOR), Linnea Stenson (SWE), Bea Rubio (ESP), Tilda Andersson (SWE) and Kathrine Leveraas (NOR). English commentry by Chris Carrington, Ola Wallström and Nils Lefring. Recorded on 25 November 2023 in Sports Club Vallentuna - the largest indoor OCR/Ninja facility in Europe.
The Ninja World Open course consists of 35 advanced Ninja-style obstacles which must be completed within a time cap of 25 minutes. The winner will be the contestant who clears most obstacles in the shortest amount of time. Watch the final heats of the women's and men's divisions where the top four men and the top four women from the morning qualification rounds will compete side-by-side in one of four final heats. The best result in either of the two heats wins.
00:00:00 Ninja World Open Finals
00:01:09 Mens Finals Heat 1: Tommy Nordvang (NOR) vs Elias Erdtman (SWE)
00:23:10 Race recap with Elias Erdtman
00:30:46 Womens Finals Heat 1: Kathrine Leveraas (NOR) vs Tilda Andersson (SWE)
00:59:03 Race recap with Tilda Andersson
01:01:22 Mens Finals Heat 2: Leon Kofoed (DEN) vs Jonathan Stiig (SWE)
01:19:35 Race recap with Jonathan Stiig
01:22:11 Race recap with Leon Kofoed
01:31:20 Womens Finals Heat 2: Beatriz Rubio Lastra (ESP vs Linnea Stenson (SWE)
01:53:51 Race recap with Beatriz Rubio Lastra (in Spanglish)
01:57:10 Race recap with Linnea Stenson

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