What K-pop Idol means to teenagers (feat. ENHYPEN)

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Lana 14 күн бұрын
Dua95🤩 Ай бұрын
Want bts💜
winterblues Ай бұрын
Fahma Aqilah
Fahma Aqilah Ай бұрын
cacaoflow;) 2 ай бұрын
@Alyzza Lee Tabagan lol exactly
fujeong 2 ай бұрын
seeing the members natural skin colours, especially jays, made me so emotional for some reason. they’re not only kind and talented but they’re all so beautiful in their own way
P.M 15 сағат бұрын
bruh you never saw people with different skin color other than white in your life or what this sounds ridiculous
Laitistae 2 күн бұрын
Andreina Pereira
Andreina Pereira 3 күн бұрын
@Stream HYPE BOY by NewJeans ?????
hope 25 күн бұрын
@vlntna Who is y'all?
vlntna 25 күн бұрын
@hope nah but even in other cases YALL worship your idols wether you like to admit it or not
EA Ай бұрын
I love the way jay speaks so freely and openly. You can really feel he is being himself
anzukin 16 күн бұрын
@Simran 💜 2:24 jungwon 2:48 sunghoon 3:05 JAY 3:49 jake 3:53 heeseung 4:47 niki 6:42 sunoo
Simran 💜
Simran 💜 25 күн бұрын
Can you please time stamp where he spoke I only know some of their names 😅
Jocylin Santiago
Jocylin Santiago 28 күн бұрын
Jay had the best answers..
Alice Martinez
Alice Martinez Ай бұрын
*American Style ~*
I'm just vidu
I'm just vidu Ай бұрын
These girls were so respectful. Of course it's basic human nature to respect others, and I appreciate that they treated the boys soo well
CARTƎR Ай бұрын
the boys are so young yet so mature and well spoken. having to act as a public figure is hard but they pull it off flawlessly. seeing them this close and natural made me smile too, the boys have no flaws, they look so real here that it makes the video so much more meaningful. i wish all our boys a great future.
Niamh Lindberg Stevens
Niamh Lindberg Stevens Ай бұрын
so happy to see a lot of people in the comments talking about jay. he's truly something else an an idol. he really inspires me a lot. thank you jay and enhypen for being the best idols
Lisa D
Lisa D 6 күн бұрын
He has such a huge passion. I think in real life he is probably a big romantic with a huge heart. I am sooooooooo glad he got to debut. He is amazing!
angry bird who loves corn
angry bird who loves corn 2 ай бұрын
i love how deep of a person JAY is and how well spoken he is. ill never regret stanning this man. fighting enhypen aja
Nabila N
Nabila N Ай бұрын
oui Ай бұрын
Yes his looks are totally different, you'd never guess he is a real intellectual and intelligent guy like he is!
xyxlow lucy
xyxlow lucy 2 ай бұрын
yes, we stan the right person, someone who is inspiring and comforts you with his words, who always takes care of others, a person with a big heart❤️ Park Jongseong✨️
Kou In
Kou In 2 ай бұрын
Mis pequeñitos, estoy muy agradecida de haberlos conocido. Ellos diciendo que se deben a esforzar más duro pero para mí ellos se esfuerzan, tanto que merecen un descanso. Chicos no olviden que Engene los ama mucho.(⁠。⁠・⁠/⁠/⁠ε⁠/⁠/⁠・⁠。⁠) Gracias por existir mis pequeñitos.
Beomie RJღ
Beomie RJღ 2 ай бұрын
Esto es tan emocionante, que bonito y que amables fueron todos, las chicas fueron tan afortunadas de tenerlos cerca 😭💕 Tengo la esperanza de que algún día pueda conocer a enhypen, seria genial ir a sus conciertos y poder cantar, gritar, bailar, eso sería grandioso 💖
Kimberly herrera
Kimberly herrera Ай бұрын
amén hrmanaaa
Pauline Barba
Pauline Barba Ай бұрын
Once again, thank you Jay for being an inspiration to a lot of people. You don’t know how your existence affects us in the most meaningful way. You really represent the group in a kind of way that is beautiful that gives hopes to a majority of people once they got to realize your sentiments
c23srd 2 ай бұрын
Jay's voice is so calming and his words pierced my heart. I can feel his sincerity and wisdom that is so matured for his age. Just want to add that they are all so beautiful with their natural skin color. I hope to see more videos like this in the future.
Dainsleif 2 ай бұрын
The way they said "woah" when the girl mentioned their group name. 😭 Ahhh, Enhypen, you guys really deserve recognition.
R.Y. 2 ай бұрын
I think the girl from Busan had trouble recalling their group name. Cute.
Lindzie P
Lindzie P 2 ай бұрын
😍 yes theyre so lucky to meet them all that close and jake even ask for a handshake then pictures with them ☺
Dainsleif 2 ай бұрын
@hazel ann marie Escoro yesss, i love it, i can sense how genuinely surprised they are when the student recognized them 😭❤️
Dikga 2 ай бұрын
@hy ikr I really don't understand
hy 2 ай бұрын
I don’t think they know how successful they are..
yuka Ай бұрын
i did not think this would make me cry!😭 the boys are all so humble and even though i don't know that much about them this made me like them even more :')
Char Maine
Char Maine 2 ай бұрын
You've got a long way ahead of you guyss! More and more people will recognize and love you around the world. Engenes will always be here for you ❤️ Loveyou babies!!!
the fourth gen dance prodigy
the fourth gen dance prodigy 2 ай бұрын
ARL M Ай бұрын
Fui la única que lloró? Estoy muy contenta por ellas :")😭✨
Samara Lucía Quiroz Zabala
Samara Lucía Quiroz Zabala 13 күн бұрын
No fuiste la única, lloré mares
Jordan Willows
Jordan Willows Ай бұрын
This video made me tear up 😢 all the hard work the idols put in just to hopefully be recognized, and then them getting to see that it finally paid off when they were recognized. I loved it so much 😭
fairywonies_ Ай бұрын
i love how i feel comprehended whenever jay speaks😭 his way of talking, his voice, his facial expressions, everything! i really love him. jay, you really bring dreams to your fans. you are doing really well, i love you🤍
Hyunjin's hairband official
Hyunjin's hairband official Ай бұрын
It was an great experience watching this and it made me cry watching their solo interviews :( I just hope they know that they are loved ♡
aiman .b
aiman .b 2 ай бұрын
Enhypen members are so precious... i hope they get more and more success.
l.a. 2 ай бұрын
some people constantly overlook that ENHYPEN is a two-year old group and they are still rookies. and this interview showed that side of them, with how genuinely they want to grow as artists who shine bright and touch other people’s lives. i appreciate their humility, but i hope these seven boys know how much they’ve already accomplished in a short span of time. they’re the new powerhouses of kpop. they are incredibly talented, passionate, and admirable. many people already see them for their amazing qualities. you are destined for success, ENHYPEN! keep shining!
lazy bum
lazy bum 2 ай бұрын
They are defo the new powerhouse .. even exo would be so proud of them
Mirey@ng 2 ай бұрын
They're so humble!
Danielle Sarmiento
Danielle Sarmiento Ай бұрын
This video made us realize how Enhypen is very down to earth and humble. I love them SM
Mayte lozano
Mayte lozano Ай бұрын
No puede ser, esto es tan bonito ellos son bonitos son 7 seres tan increíbles que se merecen recibir todo lo bueno del mundo, espero algún día conocerlos y poder interactuar con ellos, me da tanta alegría verlos los amo ✨ENHYPEN✨
Xim Wherever
Xim Wherever Ай бұрын
Dos cosas: 1- Estoy tan feliz por mis pequeños, enserio se han esforzado mucho y siguen haciéndolo. Y aún así se sorprenden cuando los reconocen, lloro. 2- Ver a los chicos con su color natural fueron de las cosas más hermosas que presencié en mi vida, bai.
Pauline Barba
Pauline Barba Ай бұрын
Sometimes all we need to hear is Jay’s words, because it’s powerful. He literally is a model to a lot of people. Through him, I learned how to respect myself and the things I do, because before, I formerly see myself as a mere joke, but now, I’ve gained some self-respect to myself, and it really help me.
6:54 Jay's statement "They're people who give dreams to others" really struck me since it is true. The idols I love, including Enhypen, has this charm and influence that makes a meaningful and positive mark to people. Some might have no interest in certain dreams like dancing in my case but these precious idols showed the beauty of these things which moved fans to dream the same dream. So yeah, idols are amazing! Enhypen is amazing!
Spruced and Gussied
Spruced and Gussied Ай бұрын
This is literally the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time. The genuine smiles from Enhypen and the girls genuine response. Oh it warmed my heart. Also, Jay is just a remarkable human. 😭🤗💖
0t7 Ай бұрын
I literally cried the whole time , they're so humble human being, the iland memories instantly flashed back , remembering their younger self , dreaming about being an idol , and here they are , I'm so proud to be with them from the beginning, I love them so much , I can't wait for my turn to finally meet these amazing people❣️
Enhxtss Ай бұрын
I felt this so nostalgic, the girls' reaction was soo nice, and ENHYPEN's words were vv touching, I love them sm
sadhue 10 күн бұрын
they don't need to doubt themselves and think they're not popular enough, or not working hard enough. they literally made so many people's lives better, esp mine! when i discovered Enhypen, i was in a deep sh*t hole and in the lowest points of my life but Enha took me out of that, they made me want to explore live and do activities i wouldn't even dream of doing. Changing even one person's life is worth more than millions of dollars. Fighting Enhypen, let's walk together till the end!💓
nat c
nat c 2 ай бұрын
jays wise words really deeply effect me in the heart, he speaks so much more than just an ordinary idol i’m very glad that i stan someone who’s so talented considerate and wise i couldn’t thank how much enhypen has brought me, both happiness and principles of life ENHYPEN MOST IMPORTANTLY MY BIAS JAY YOU GUYS DESERVE LOTS AND WE ENGENES ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS
terra ☆
terra ☆ Ай бұрын
@mobina * i don’t know much about it im just saying that’s what the person was most likely talking about
Yumi Ай бұрын
mobina *
mobina * Ай бұрын
@terra ☆ but whenever i looked up i didn't see Jay most of the time it was Niki or Sunghoon... and they never admitted it. Any way i know they are humans and they are not perfect. But every person has good and deep side too. This video made engenes see deep thoughts of members.
terra ☆
terra ☆ Ай бұрын
@mobina * theyre talking abt the fat shaming thing
cflorensya _
cflorensya _ 2 ай бұрын
@Stream HYPE BOY by NewJeans bully. Watch every video of them! Watch Enhypen & hi S2. Sunoo said "im so grateful Jay Hyung always there for me, cause i've alot of worries"
Kpopper 6 күн бұрын
Fiquei emocionada pelas meninas ♥️
 ⟭⟬ ⁷ Living legends ⟬⟭
⟭⟬ ⁷ Living legends ⟬⟭ 2 ай бұрын
Enhypen members are humble and sweet and thoughtful it was so heartwarming to see their interactions with teens
J Ай бұрын
아 진짜 너무 겸손한 그룹 엔하이픈..제발 꼭 흥해라
hasti Ай бұрын
I watched I land and felt all those anxiousness they had, saw them debut with a really good song and concept and now seeing them growing up as an individual and as an artist really makes me happy, they’re so easy to love cause they’re so them… full of passion and talent. Wish you the best our boys, stay strong I’m sure you will be more than what you can imagine.
Lolita Arguelles
Lolita Arguelles 2 ай бұрын
I'm not not a Enhypen fan but I can clearly see in this video why they are loved by so many. Down to earth, humble, and very well spoken group of persons. Aside from their talents their characters and manners made them shine. P.S I think i'll stan another amazing group very sooon! 💖💖
Mariam Ibrahim
Mariam Ibrahim Ай бұрын
Mina Ай бұрын
@Heejay Perfectly worded 💗
Heejay Ай бұрын
I'm not forcing you to stan them right now. I just want to say this not because I'm their fan but ENHYPEN are really genuine person and idols you would ever encountered. They're still young but contrary to their age, they have mature mindset and wonderful personality. As a fan since I-land, I really want to compliment them for doing a good job that they were able to connect the fans genuinely despite the barriers, issues, high expectations from people since the beginning. They're worthy of your support and love. 💗
Luminals Cutiie
Luminals Cutiie 2 ай бұрын
@Lolita Arguelles yuuupp 😌💕💕💕🤝
Lolita Arguelles
Lolita Arguelles 2 ай бұрын
@zan they very charismatic and irresistible 🥺💖
lemon raxx
lemon raxx Ай бұрын
I don't know much about Enhypen but watching this made me feel so much emotions especially the individual interview of the members. I just love how they answer with wisdom.
Ga_ 20 күн бұрын
Ay no! Pero qué ternura. Hermosa experiencia y ellos tan lindos con sus caritas tan emocionados.
Margal Amina
Margal Amina Ай бұрын
I really cried when i saw their genuine smiles ,it must feel so good to meet them in person
Anika Leoza
Anika Leoza Ай бұрын
I read dark moon blood alter by Hybe & I fell in love with one of the characters named Jakah. The character was influenced by Jungwon of Enhypen. Recently I added drunk-dazed in my playlist and listen to it in loops 👍🏻
Hoshie Tenma
Hoshie Tenma 2 ай бұрын
Why do I feel like crying when they answer the questions from their solo interview? I really like how humble and sincere they are. Jay's answers are also too mature. If I was there, I'll literally collapse in front of them because THEY'RE ENHYPEN!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a really big fan of them, even though I'm 24 yrs old! These boys deserve everything!!!! ❤🧡🧡🧡🧡 Fighting! 🖤
Hoshie Tenma
Hoshie Tenma Ай бұрын
Guys, I can’t thank you enough for showing to me and to others that AGE DOESN’T MATTER REALLY!!! IF THEY MAKE US HAPPY, THEN SO BE IT. I CAN’T BELIEVE THERE ARE ENGENE UNNIEEEEEEEEESS. SO HAPPY THAT OUR BOYS ARE WELL LOVED BECAUSE THEY’RE LITERALLY OUR HAPPY PILLS. They make my days brighter watching them being silly. It also reminds me of those days when I was at their age (even though I’m not too old hehehe) of how passionate you can be especially when chasing your dreams. They also showed us that giving up is not a choice (especially in their ILAND days. They give me hope to move forward and achieve my dreams). I hope we all meet soon Engenes while watching and seeing these boys grow as WORLDWIDE ARTISTS!!!! 🧡
En-Kay 2 ай бұрын
28 and I never loved a group as much as enhypen 😭❤️
Multi 2 ай бұрын
I’m in my 30s :)
Enhypen❤️Engene 2 ай бұрын
xyxlow lucy
xyxlow lucy 2 ай бұрын
Jay is so precious 😭 his words always amaze me❤️
komi:) Ай бұрын
Really happy for enhypen improving lots, i think they deserve to be known more. I love them sm:>
Elly Lingle
Elly Lingle Ай бұрын
this turned out such a wholesome video
Mi Gonçalves
Mi Gonçalves Ай бұрын
tão preciosos, merecem muito reconhecimento!!! 💖
Emma C
Emma C 22 күн бұрын
Jay is just so mature, well-spoken and thoughtful, I'm amazed every time he speaks, his mind and personality are wonderful
snorkling 2 ай бұрын
I still remember when Jake and Ni-ki were anxious if there will be engenes attending for kpop flex in germany, and they said that even if there's only 10 engenes will come they will be happy as long as there are people support them. After the concert, they were amazed how the crowds were so loud for them, and their staff informed them that there a lot of engenes from the crowds holding their en-light, and the happines on their faces is very evident. During Kcon in germany, there are two engenes interviewed what artist they came for, and they said enhypen, and enhas face that time was very greatful and the crowds were singing along with them. Pandemic made them think that they have no fans supporting them. They debuted and performing with no audience cheering for them. The limited fancalls. They are very vocal about them growing as an artist together. The humbleness of this group always left in awe, because they never change ever since day debuted. My heart will alwyas with these seven boys. I want to witness with my own eyes, the time that they will no longer be anxious if people will recognize them or not, because they will become the next superstar.
Patricia Mora
Patricia Mora Ай бұрын
Omg reading this broke my heart, I hope everyone will always support them and they will finally realize how much we love them
Gericho Soriano
Gericho Soriano Ай бұрын
Thank you for sharing. It never crossed my mind that the pandemic also affected the confidence of idols especially when they were only allowed to perform without any crowd. So glad things are getting better and concerts are now regular again.
Shaion Ай бұрын
I went to kpop flex for gidle but i think i was more hype for enhypen 🤣that shit was turnt
Nabila N
Nabila N Ай бұрын
ytclick Ай бұрын
kcon in la :)
Andie C
Andie C Ай бұрын
There’s something so absolutely romantic and warm about the way this was shot and edited and I love that ❤
Ericka Guerrero
Ericka Guerrero Ай бұрын
Tengo 29 viví el inicio de mi separación escuchando a Enhypen. Me salvaron al igual que mi hija. Espero tal vez en algún momento poder ir a algún concierto y gritar todas las canciones que me ayudaron a no sentirme sola. Deseo que mi hija encuentre su gusto en la música y que la haga sentir igual de bien que a mi. Fighting!!❤
Anon Ай бұрын
I’m not even a fan of enhyphen but this was adorable!
ncw 307
ncw 307 Ай бұрын
Wow...how lucky for them both! For the student to meet Enhypen in real life and be able speak with them and even be in the same room as them...whoa. And for Enhypen, to see in person, the recognition from all three students. Like yes, people know you guys!!! Well deserved. :)
M G 2 ай бұрын
The leader’s words, Jungwon. He may be young but he speaks really wise words. ENHYPEN are such great boys. I hope people get to know them better and their music. They are really a great group and people. Fighting always!!!
Srurhi Krishna
Srurhi Krishna 2 ай бұрын
Ripped jeans one
゚・。 wonnyann
゚・。 wonnyann 2 ай бұрын
Jungwon!Best leader!
MC Kyungjun
MC Kyungjun 2 ай бұрын
@Faith I love your answer ❤️🤣
Jongh0tome 2 ай бұрын
A group with a fuckass fandom who attacking us
Armogene 2 ай бұрын
@calyxx! 2:25 it is Jungwon
Xhia Smith
Xhia Smith Ай бұрын
I love how the members spoke words of wisdom and are always genuine. These kind of contents will really showcase each members personality. It will also give us a glimpse on their thoughts as idols and make them somehow feel real.
miss kitty
miss kitty Ай бұрын
chorei do início ao fim porque senti paz vendo eles sendo sinceros e sensíveis. ver a cor real da pele de cada um me deixou emocionada por algum motivo. eles são tão lindos sendo eles mesmo, além de serem extremamente talentosos e carismáticos. nunca vou me arrepender de ter conhecido caras como eles, que expressam tão sabiamente o que tem a dizer, principalmente o jay. ele é tão inteligente e fala tão bonito que dá vontade de chorar. obrigada meninos, por existirem e mudarem seus fãs para pessoas melhores.
김만월 Ай бұрын
I would have straight up cried, I love them sm! I really hope they will understand soon the impact they have on people and how much they actually shine. You're so amazing guys, you did it, you're like the celebrities you looked up to and people are now looking up to you to follow their dreams! Hwaiting, ENHYPEN!💚💚
Shriya Tripathi
Shriya Tripathi Ай бұрын
Omg this is my first time watching ENHYPEN and they’re so humble and down to earth. I am already loving them ❤
Lonely_biss 2 ай бұрын
I love how mature Jay sounds all of them do but Jay is something else. the way he said that it's not like an obligation for people to know celebrities melted my heart, he's so pure. I LOVE THESE BOYS SO MUCH. I'm happy I discovered you ENHYPEN!! ❤️❤️🧡🧡🖤🖤
xyxlow lucy
xyxlow lucy 2 ай бұрын
ever since he met him i was always amazed me at his maturity despite his young age, Jay is so precious 😭 his words always amaze me❤️
jj simp
jj simp 2 ай бұрын
And thats why he is my bias sinve the first on iland😭💘
angry bird who loves corn
angry bird who loves corn 2 ай бұрын
exactly !! he's such a deep person
Raquel Avila
Raquel Avila 2 ай бұрын
also when he said, "feeling tired and not wanting to do something is a totally different matter".
yonkie bonkie
yonkie bonkie 2 ай бұрын
Yes i noticed that too!!!
TPhamer 13 күн бұрын
Oddly emotional to watch this 💜 I hope everyone involved has good memories looking back on this. Enhypen and the girls, you have a bright future ahead.
Prettaenie Ай бұрын
Why is this so emotional?😢 I can feel that Enhypen spoke from the bottom of their hearts. They're so humble and down to earth people, I really hope more people get to know them. Also I really wish more fans ,me included, can have the golden opportunity of meeting their idols💜
🌸K-popFangirl🌸 Ай бұрын
the ways they're all so humble and pure makes them one of the best groups I stan ♡ they just KNOW exactly what to say🥰Im SO proud of them and I hope the keep getting the recognition they deserve!
Beomgyu 7 күн бұрын
muy lindo el vidio, me alegro mi noche I LOVE YOU ENHYPEN :3
SunoosLilac 2 ай бұрын
Even though I’m not there I feel like I’m going to cry. We love you ENHYPEN.
Richelle Aborot
Richelle Aborot Ай бұрын
Sobbing rn
Marianne Borja
Marianne Borja Ай бұрын
i cried
SunoosLilac 2 ай бұрын
@K-pop iS a CiRCuS, who StAnS k pop are ClOwNs🤡 same 😭😭😭😭
heeseungssneakylink_ 2 ай бұрын
Ishika Das
Ishika Das 2 ай бұрын
I don't know but i cried when the teens recognised them, and when Jay said that it was okay if the teens didn't know them and heeseung said that they have to work hard for everyone to recognise them, like to become famous. I seriously cried, i am so emotionally attached to enha 😭
Marlen Ай бұрын
Me entró el sentimiento al ver este vídeo 😭, las chicas fueron muy afortunadas de poder conocerlos. Ellos fueron muy lindos con ellas, los amo mucho.
Dani Chava
Dani Chava 10 күн бұрын
Qué emocionante!!! Amo a enhypen, estaba nerviosa de que no los reconocieran 💔 no quería verlos tristes. Qué más se le puede pedir a la vida luego de haber estado con ellos 😍 ahí en el mismo espacio y parece que hasta les dieron la mano al finalizar
apollosbutterfly Ай бұрын
this is the most genuine and heartwarming video i've seen recently it like sucked the depression out of me, the passion and talent these stars have yet they share that stress and uncertainty just like us ugh
modo_0or1 Ай бұрын
Que hermosa experiencia, me emocioné mucho 💜 ellos son un amor
ᴡʜᴀᴛ ɪꜱ ɪʟʏ, ɪ ᴏɴʟʏ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ɪ ᴘᴜʀᴘʟᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ⁷
ᴡʜᴀᴛ ɪꜱ ɪʟʏ, ɪ ᴏɴʟʏ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ɪ ᴘᴜʀᴘʟᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ⁷ 2 ай бұрын
6:12 I laughed so hard, because I used to think the same thing about Western celebrities 😭 this was beyond wholesome, and this girl's personality and Busan dialect is so cute~
Robin 2 ай бұрын
Not Sunghoon pooping in the back🤣
Debbie Ай бұрын
This was so charming. It really showed their true thoughts… doubts, insecurities, and all. It just helped me to appreciate ENHYPEN even more. And I love the honest reactions from the students. This was truly a fun way to end my day. Thank you!❤
jumalty 2 күн бұрын
mds eu achei esse vídeo tão fofo deu vontade de chorar
Jhope's Nose Flute
Jhope's Nose Flute 2 ай бұрын
I love it that Jay talks so maturely 💜
Mizue Valderrama Meza
Mizue Valderrama Meza Ай бұрын
Si es que Yo los conociera, estaría llorando de felicidad :"3, se los quiere ENHYPEN
Heedeungie 2 ай бұрын
Jay can really be funny and do his crazy dad jokes.. But he can also be so deep and understading Hes like a therapist
mxriia. Ай бұрын
so proud of how far they have come, they deserve so much. love them so much and glad they’re getting recognized💝💝
Joyce Carla Silva
Joyce Carla Silva 16 күн бұрын
Eu realmente queria poder conhecê-los algum dia.... obrigada enhypen por tudo, vocês são Idols extraordinários, só quero que o enhypen seja feliz 😊 vamos ser felizes com enhypen
Susmita Das
Susmita Das Ай бұрын
I'm older than almost all the enhypen members but i can relate to the 3 girls! Enhypen is a group of people i look upto,they inspire me to follow my dreams & work hard for that more because they are younger & the amount of effort they are showing us! Being idol or celebrity in general it's not an easy task!I feel like regardless of age people look upto idols all over the world because they shines bright like Hee said or they make people dream like jay said!
Paola Martínez
Paola Martínez Ай бұрын
Eh llorado con este video. Son increibles! LOS AMO ENHYPEN!!!
Jasmine ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ
Jasmine ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ 2 ай бұрын
My tears are flowing like crazy, Their words, you really deserve a lot of recognition Enhypen and you've come so far. I'm very proud to each and every one of you
Jana 2 ай бұрын
same 😭😭
Q J 2 ай бұрын
Me too 😭😭😭😭😭
Mikey Kun
Mikey Kun Ай бұрын
i just fell in love with them again after watching this video, they’re so humble and sweet and the way they talk.. they’re just perfect. They were so anxious that the students won’t recognise them that was so sad and i literally cried out of happiness when they recognised them
Imshy Ай бұрын
Que hermosooo! Cómo ENGENE estoy muy agradecida de haberlos conocido y siempre estaré al lado de ENHYPEN ❤️🥺🇵🇪
Cynthia Cisneros
Cynthia Cisneros Ай бұрын
This really made me emotional!!!❤ ENHYPEN is such an inspirational group.🫶🏽
Lee Minie Mo
Lee Minie Mo Ай бұрын
This was one of the most heartwarming vedios. Editing the interviews and slow mo of thier reactions was soo good. The girls were soo relatable.. enhyphen giving thier outlook on idol life was too good. Thank you ODG
moonsxthetic 2 ай бұрын
the fact that they're so humble and honest. i don't think i'll ever find another boy group as comforting and close to my heart as them. ENHAAA, ENGENES ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU !! DON'T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELVES AND TAKE CARE AS WELL, WE'LL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHATT
jenn 2 ай бұрын
Srurhi Krishna
Srurhi Krishna 2 ай бұрын
Yes 😭😭
wifieeeee 2 ай бұрын
Yeah you're right🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Debbie Penny
Debbie Penny 24 күн бұрын
What a great thing to do, for these kids. I love Enhypen’s honest answers. These are young men who had a dream, but know they are regular people. They definitely have awesome talent, but had to work hard to be where they are. I hope they continue to be down to earth, and appreciate their position in life. Way to go Enhypen!
Akrita Ай бұрын
And just for Enhyphen, I am from India. And I absolutely adore your music and this was just such a beautiful way to get to know you guys better. I am thankful to ODG for that 💖🌷
Crazy Love
Crazy Love Ай бұрын
¡Los gestos de Sunoo cuando una de ellas dijo que sería una pena no conocerlos! 😭 Woah, todos son maravillosos!
Joelle Norfleet
Joelle Norfleet 19 күн бұрын
This is so precious🥺💞 these boys are growing up so well, and I'm glad these girls got to see them 🥺🥺
klcinnamoroll En
klcinnamoroll En 2 ай бұрын
Enhypen are so humble😭 The words of the members are so touching. Thank you ODG for giving us this wholesome content.
minnie 2 ай бұрын
Keiong Ай бұрын
They're the most precious boys and they deserve all the success and more!
MinShooky 21 күн бұрын
Wow! I haven't really kept up with Enhypen since I-land. They've grown well ♡
Yuki The Hylian
Yuki The Hylian Ай бұрын
After a heard this question, I realized that I don't even know the reason why people like idols and k-pop in a whole. It's hard to answer, because other people can't imagine this special attitude - it's more than listening to their music, it's more then appreciating their appearance and talents. All these shows, funny moments, interviews become a small world, where you can leave your problems for a while and be happy. Idols gradually became something lake a family to you, your joy in life, even when they don't know of your existence. You like them, because you see that they're just people like us, but they show you WHAT you can achieve, if you put an effort, they motivate us to be better. ENHYPEN are not just talented, they word hard on everything they do, and yet they are still humble and non-self-confident as someone might think. They deserve to be loved and we, ENGENE, should show them that they are needed, thet they do really great, that they don't need to be anxious if people recognize them.
Lia França
Lia França Ай бұрын
georgia Ай бұрын
i would literally start screaming and crying omg i love them so much, this video made me so happy and i loved their answers from the personal interviews!!
امرا Ай бұрын
I love them they deserve more recognition 🥺
Realkornflakes Ай бұрын
The interaction is so adorable. It’s good to hear two sides of story from both idols & students. Honestly, I might faint if I meet enhypen in real life.
manan'iavo 2 ай бұрын
This is so well edited and somehow showing rawness, I love it. Not going to lie that I was in the verge of crying
min - min
min - min 2 ай бұрын
it’s so sad that they always assume people won’t recognize them, huhu my babies yall are really popular i mean yall are selling millions of albums, and they work so hard, and they’re so talented, and their songs are so great too so ofc people will recognize them
Kworldinformed News
Kworldinformed News 2 ай бұрын
Its harder locally because S. Korea is a hard market (too many idols and not everyone listens to KPOP). So their worries ere valid but seeing this, I think they are becoming more well known at home which they fully deserve. And most if all, I love how warm, grounded humble our boys are. 🥰
Diana CZ
Diana CZ 2 ай бұрын
I listen ed in an interview that not everybody in Korea listen to k-pop. I mean, koreans know idols exist but not all (specially older people) pay Attention to them.
Rosie 🍒
Rosie 🍒 2 ай бұрын
Yes exactly 😭
Dadian 2 ай бұрын
SK is a tough market and not everyone listens to it. A lot of idol groups too. Very saturated and only those good or with connections/advantages will survive. I hope or they really know they are popular. A decent following in SK is good enough then they should focus globally. Global and Japan. Use NI-KI's power in JP and members like Jake for global/SEA.
Jay may be always funny but he's considerate and an amazing person. My god I love Enhypen so much 🤧 I'm so proud
Listlesstimes Ай бұрын
aww enhypen deserve all the recognition seriously so humble 😭 I stan the right group
wxnnie_affs 🐈
wxnnie_affs 🐈 Ай бұрын
omg que hermosos, ame este video, los amo tanto 😿😿💗💗
Tea tae
Tea tae Ай бұрын
this is my favorite video ever, so wholesome with the reactions and how humble they are, i love them so much
jaylodz 2 ай бұрын
The boys, especially Jay and Jungwon, answered the questions very well. You can really feel their genuineness and passion for being an idol. I can't wait to see you grow more, ENHYPEN!
l.a. 2 ай бұрын
i agree, jay and jungwon are so well-spoken, it’s admirable how sincere they are
Dadian 2 ай бұрын
@Kellen He did take some vitamins but he stopped so he will probably grow "normally" now.
Mayra 2 ай бұрын
this , jays personality really shone through
Kellen 2 ай бұрын
The real question is how tall will Ni-ki grow. What is HYPE feeding that kid.
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