WONDER WOMAN 2 Official Trailer (NEW 2020) Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman 1984, Superhero Movie HD

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WONDER WOMAN 2 Official Trailer (NEW 2020) Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman 1984, Superhero Movie HD
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Luke Dodson
Luke Dodson 2 жыл бұрын
Imagine going back in time even just ten years and telling people that there would be a DC cinematic universe and its two most successful franchises would be Wonder Woman and Aquaman.
Tim Broski
Tim Broski 6 ай бұрын
Ngl they do have the best looking actors/actresses for those movies, it's the only reason I watched Wonder Woman initially lol.
ET_2_0_1_0_2_5_ Tazrean Rifty
ET_2_0_1_0_2_5_ Tazrean Rifty 7 ай бұрын
Wattpader Lover
Wattpader Lover Жыл бұрын
And then Warner Bros would fudge up bad firing one guy and supporting another who doesn't deserve it.
Thoda Foodie Thoda Movie
Thoda Foodie Thoda Movie Жыл бұрын
Hope this time batmans works
A.G ArtMaster
A.G ArtMaster Жыл бұрын
Imagine Thor casting lightning then Wonder Woman riding it. They would make a deadly duo
Hafid el Ghazouani
Hafid el Ghazouani 7 ай бұрын
And then hulk smashhhhh
Corroborated Evidence 2021
Corroborated Evidence 2021 Жыл бұрын
Imagine an invisible knock out punch for that ridiculous comment.
Allson Pillai
Allson Pillai Жыл бұрын
I agree
h i
h i Жыл бұрын
Alisha Carter
Alisha Carter 5 ай бұрын
*I LOVE YOU* MORES.BABY Megan: ''Hotter'' Hopi: ''Sweeter'' Joonie: ''Cooler'' Yoongi: ''Butter'' Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались.
Anis Todd
Anis Todd 5 ай бұрын
SPECIAL FOR YOU MORES.BABY Gaze: ''Amazed'' Lips: ''Sensual'' Smile: ''Sweeter'' Body: ''Colder'' Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались.​ Köz karaş: ''Taŋ kaldım'' Erinder: ''Sezimdüü'' Jılmayuu: ''Tattuuraak'' Dene: ''Muzdak'' Jizn, kak krasivaya melodiya, tolko pesni pereputalis.​ Aç köz arstan Bul ukmuştuuday ısık kün bolçu, jana arstan abdan açka bolgon. Uyunan çıgıp, tigi jer-jerdi izdedi. Al kiçinekey koyondu gana taba algan. Al bir az oylonboy koyondu karmadı. ''Bul koyon menin kursagımdı toyguza albayt'' dep oylodu arstan. Arstan koyondu öltüröyün dep jatkanda, bir kiyik tigi tarapka çurkadı. Arstan aç köz bolup kaldı. Kiçine koyondu emes, çoŋ kiyikti jegen jakşı dep oylodu.0
I_Am_MaziKeen Жыл бұрын
She Is Perfection In All It's Forms, Definitely A Goddess In My Eyes.
swiftset Жыл бұрын
I thoroughly enjoyed the first WW, so I’m looking forward to seeing her again. Not sure what caliber of an actress she is, but I enjoyed myself, and that’s my standard ;)
asmartist enthusiast
asmartist enthusiast Жыл бұрын
@Jake could be way worse.
rip bozo
rip bozo Жыл бұрын
Kamikaze Ken Woaaah I can feel the edge from here!
Kamikaze Ken
Kamikaze Ken Жыл бұрын
Darth Maul oh well I just don’t care about drama actor/actress I’m more into action and shit with blood and death.
Humphrey Obanor
Humphrey Obanor 2 жыл бұрын
You can never go wrong with 80s themes
Uouttooo 2 жыл бұрын
Love the cool/cheesy 80s music to go along with it.
Prince Oppong
Prince Oppong Жыл бұрын
Who else still gets goosebumps when they rewatch it
SOFT 444
SOFT 444 3 ай бұрын
No One
Marlon E
Marlon E Жыл бұрын
I love the 80s music vibes of this movie. Feels like Thor Ragnarok and it doesn't matter or I don't feel bad at all with all honesty. I will watch this movie 😁
AnotherAnonymous Girl
AnotherAnonymous Girl Жыл бұрын
This movie is a life lesson. The greatest of all.
callmesam Жыл бұрын
I am so excited for this! I love wonder women
chandler keck
chandler keck 2 жыл бұрын
i just got to say, her swinging from lightning might be one of the most badass things i've seen in a superhero movie
Wasil Khan
Wasil Khan 2 жыл бұрын
@Sarath Anil lol
Brianna Brickey
Brianna Brickey 2 жыл бұрын
chandler keck ikr!
Victor Taylor
Victor Taylor 2 жыл бұрын
Thor& Shazam might file for copyright infrigment.
Dragonem Movie Tube
Dragonem Movie Tube 2 жыл бұрын
It's Better than riding a hammer of lightening
Sarath Anil
Sarath Anil 2 жыл бұрын
Well you haven't seen Dominic Toretto in F9.....
2peps Tv
2peps Tv Жыл бұрын
i had chills watching this. excited to see the movie.
Fran McAllister
Fran McAllister Жыл бұрын
I can't figure why Steve has come back. That's the main reason i want to see this movie, to see the explanation given
Fran McAllister
Fran McAllister 10 ай бұрын
@eppsislike it ended up being not the worst. Spooky at times and questionable reason but a good movie nonetheless
eppsislike 10 ай бұрын
It's the reason I don't want to see it.
Fiona Fairhurst
Fiona Fairhurst Жыл бұрын
She makes a wish on this crystal what grants your wishes. He should not have bothered terrible movie well disappointing. 😔😂😔
Unknown Waccoon
Unknown Waccoon Жыл бұрын
You'll see why he came back, if you still haven't watched the movie. I did and let me tell you it"s worth seeing. It also does kind if say it in the title, "Wonder woman 1984".
Unknown Waccoon
Unknown Waccoon Жыл бұрын
UrNemesis Жыл бұрын
Wonder woman said it : "there's no good things in lies " . I wish today's people understood that
UrNemesis Жыл бұрын
@Cartoonman154 because when that person finally know the truth it will be harder to swallow it and that person will hate you for hiding the truth from her/him
Cartoonman154 Жыл бұрын
"there's no good things in lies " what if you didn't want to tell the truth to spare someones feelings or a horrible truth?
UrNemesis Жыл бұрын
@senta case speaking about for example today's media giving half-truths or jumping to conclusion before fact ... BLM/blueact. ...Depp/heard ... jussie smollet .... bubba wallace ... no?
senta case
senta case Жыл бұрын
Riley Sansoucy
Riley Sansoucy 2 жыл бұрын
I'm not normally one for 80's music, but the theme in this trailer is actually pretty catchy
Dummy Account
Dummy Account 2 жыл бұрын
I think i also heard this song from atomic blonde. Girl power!
Unflushablepiss 2 жыл бұрын
@Lady_Fantist Creations every song
Thread Bomb
Thread Bomb 2 жыл бұрын
New Order - Blue Monday I don't know this trailer version, but the classic version is the 1988 remix.
The Trusty Butter Knife: An '80s Adventure
The Trusty Butter Knife: An '80s Adventure 2 жыл бұрын
There is no better era in pop culture. '80s RULE forever!
Ethereal Butterfly
Ethereal Butterfly 2 жыл бұрын
Lady_Fantist Productions Blue Monday by New Order
Alan Hew
Alan Hew Жыл бұрын
Watched the movie, surprisingly amazing! Petty prove that she's the best story teller of DCEU.
Алина Гончаренко
Алина Гончаренко Жыл бұрын
Imagine going back in time even just ten years and telling people that there would be a DC cinematic universe and its two most successful franchises would be Wonder Woman and Aquaman.
Terry Whyte
Terry Whyte Жыл бұрын
Stolen, the comment is right above yours Busted
mara_cleia Жыл бұрын
Funny how there's a comment _exactly_ like this posted eight months ago.
ariel gonzalez
ariel gonzalez Жыл бұрын
LOL they’ll laugh you right out the room as you smile
Cutie X
Cutie X Жыл бұрын
can't wait!!! Need more movies like this!!!
Harris Frankou
Harris Frankou Жыл бұрын
Looks great. Been too long. Love the music. They are getting it right like Gunn does... Unlike Ayer. If they can double up with AquaMan and a team up the DCEU can bounce back.
Eric x
Eric x 2 жыл бұрын
“Those who came before me Lived through their vocations From the past until completion They'll turn away no more”
Roseand Stem
Roseand Stem 2 жыл бұрын
Yes, yes, great song
Jim Power
Jim Power Жыл бұрын
Swinging on the lightning was so cheesy. But it was perfect for the character in 1984! I want to see this!
I B Жыл бұрын
I love how in this movie Diana is the one showing Steve what the world is like and not the other way around. Homage to the first film.
Otávio Carvalho
Otávio Carvalho Жыл бұрын
Que cenas incríveis
reizel DIY
reizel DIY Жыл бұрын
❤ Gal Gadot... goddess among the goddesses❤
Seb 2 жыл бұрын
The soundtrack to this trailer is absolutely incredible.
Kayla Hayden
Kayla Hayden 2 жыл бұрын
Yes you're all old.
Seb 2 жыл бұрын
@EarlRegent Only the original.
Fried Miracle
Fried Miracle 2 жыл бұрын
It kinda sounds the same as the aquaman one
Vince 2 жыл бұрын
@bounty1402 Yes it goes very well with the trailer.
Hassan Ogunwemimo
Hassan Ogunwemimo 2 жыл бұрын
Glad to know there are those who still have ears for music
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson Жыл бұрын
I can't wait to see Wonder Woman 2!!!
Barakath Жыл бұрын
Oh my god - I teared up a bit in the end 😅😅😅😅
Milla Pasanen
Milla Pasanen Жыл бұрын
Can' t wait 💖
Gabriel Baker
Gabriel Baker Жыл бұрын
this gives me goosebumps!!!
Tsiory Kenneth
Tsiory Kenneth 2 жыл бұрын
Finallyyyy she's throwing that tiara like she's supposed to be
@joshua ashley I think Wonder Woman.. what about you?
Adventures! With Bepi
Adventures! With Bepi 2 жыл бұрын
and is in red white and blue
Paris Nights
Paris Nights 2 жыл бұрын
Mahakash Singha Roy
Mahakash Singha Roy Жыл бұрын
Who else thought the trailer and music was so matched with thor Ragnarok.. just felt that vibes..
DJ Buenaventura
DJ Buenaventura Жыл бұрын
Its the 80s man
Gurbaj Guraya
Gurbaj Guraya Жыл бұрын
Vaughn Жыл бұрын
I hope so mate
Vinayak Aggarwal
Vinayak Aggarwal Жыл бұрын
Only DC movie whose trailer has given me goosebumps. This is unreal!
Luís Antônio Marrega
Luís Antônio Marrega Жыл бұрын
Olá coisa linda é esta Mulher Maravilha Gal linda sempre e fantástica!💖 Abraço e se cuida😷
Kamikaze Ken
Kamikaze Ken Жыл бұрын
Gal Gadot fits the role of a warrior/goddess so well
Adam Forgacs
Adam Forgacs 2 жыл бұрын
1984, the year i was born. Right in the feels.
Beth Flores Antonio
Beth Flores Antonio 2 жыл бұрын
Adam Forgacs me too!!
Abhishek Shah
Abhishek Shah Жыл бұрын
Steve Trevor just pulled off a Steve Rogers and returned 60+ years later looking the same.. Chris Evans and Chris Pine really do similar movies!
Deondrae Morris
Deondrae Morris Жыл бұрын
It is before he died
Katarina Nedeljkovic
Katarina Nedeljkovic Жыл бұрын
Princess Toy Nerd
Princess Toy Nerd Жыл бұрын
@Ken P now you know!
LUCKY RAGE Жыл бұрын
THOR IS 1500+ years old Wonder Women IS 5000+ years old Loki IS 1000+ years old
Joyce Velasquez
Joyce Velasquez Жыл бұрын
very good
Kennedy Brown
Kennedy Brown Жыл бұрын
i cant wait for the second wonder woman to come out im exited
Apoorv Sankpal
Apoorv Sankpal Жыл бұрын
Loki: I have potrayed to be dead so many times Steve: *HOLD MY BEER* Edit :- Thanks for 500+ likes 😇
Over 9000
Over 9000 Жыл бұрын
@NotNero bro , you sure need something called Glasses 😂😂
Taskia September
Taskia September Жыл бұрын
No (?)
NotNero Жыл бұрын
​@Over 9000 Likes don't make the comment's spelling any more correct.
Jawn Bautista
Jawn Bautista Жыл бұрын
Deadpool: Beer is not good to your health
tim redfern
tim redfern Жыл бұрын
Looks amazing 😻
Sundaymad 2 жыл бұрын
- How many 80's vibes do you need in this movie? - YES
Michael H
Michael H 2 жыл бұрын
All of them!
Spiritguide thee
Spiritguide thee 2 жыл бұрын
Thread Bomb
Thread Bomb 2 жыл бұрын
I hope WW goes to watch a movie in 1984. "Hmmm, the Terminator and Ghostbusters both look good, but I think I will see Revenge of the Nerds."
The Trusty Butter Knife: An '80s Adventure
The Trusty Butter Knife: An '80s Adventure 2 жыл бұрын
Help me create an '80s cult-classic!
Damalagood Жыл бұрын
She's Amazing, she's so Perfect playing Wonder Woman 😌👊🏾❤️
Asasdujaman Sagor
Asasdujaman Sagor Жыл бұрын
Man dc has some great test of theme music! First Aquaman, Now wonder women! can`t wait to see what they do with "The flash"🥳
Ana Owens
Ana Owens Жыл бұрын
best one of the year so far? so stoked for this one!!!
CasiAnn Junio
CasiAnn Junio Жыл бұрын
I cannot wait to watch it!
Tatum Kee
Tatum Kee 2 жыл бұрын
Nobody: Everyone else "Steve is an illusion or a figment of her memory or he's going to die again." Me: I'm just glad that they brought him back and him and Diana are able to see each other again and that they didn't replace him with someone else. :)
Carina Uher
Carina Uher 2 ай бұрын
@N Jay it even took place in ww1 so he should be like 80-90 years in 1984
SIRENA OF THE SEAS 2 жыл бұрын
Ilka Piedade
Ilka Piedade 2 жыл бұрын
It has been decades, it would make sense for him to be replaced.
patience panashe
patience panashe 2 жыл бұрын
N Jay
N Jay 2 жыл бұрын
@It’s hola Afu Even if he survived the plane crash he would be extremely old the first movie took place in ww2 so this is still got explaining to do
Jess xoxo
Jess xoxo Жыл бұрын
Yechezkel Brito
Yechezkel Brito Жыл бұрын
"It is all art... No, that's is just a trash can." Just summarizes what I think about post-modern art.
Aldin Alijagic
Aldin Alijagic Жыл бұрын
This movie will surely be awesome I know that
Chancy Жыл бұрын
"life is good but it can be better" "All you need is to watch" "think about having everything you've always wanted" WW sees Steve* yup, that's the plot right there.
Tajemná Temnota
Tajemná Temnota Жыл бұрын
I think the same. Butttt.
baldy moore
baldy moore 2 жыл бұрын
Who thinks they brought Steve back just to kill him again
Nour Жыл бұрын
Nice prediction dude😂😂😂
Farhana Razzak
Farhana Razzak Жыл бұрын
Exactly that's what happened.
Tamai Amituanai
Tamai Amituanai Жыл бұрын
I loved your move so so March 😊🥘😍😌😍😌😌😌😌😌😌😍😍😌
Stacey Mohammed
Stacey Mohammed Жыл бұрын
Fuck yea
Jeriel Siares
Jeriel Siares Жыл бұрын
Blackthorne Жыл бұрын
I like that she is shown using her super speed ability. It is not well known, but she is faster than her fellow justice league members.....she just doesn't need to show off and make them feel bad. Can't wait to Diana and Cheetah battle on-screen.
lps talkback
lps talkback Жыл бұрын
Love how it was supposed to come out June 5th and it’s August 8th
lps talkback
lps talkback Жыл бұрын
@Elephant Society I’ve seen it how come you haven’t
Elephant Society
Elephant Society Жыл бұрын
Legit 31 dec today
Stan_ LittleMix
Stan_ LittleMix Жыл бұрын
@lps talkback yeah?? great! we'll watch it tomorrow! 3.5 isn't terrible.....its like a F+ though..lol
lps talkback
lps talkback Жыл бұрын
@Stan_ LittleMix watch it! It’s a little slow sometimes! Out of 5 I’d give it 3.5. Overall a good movie however not as good as the first! But considering the circumstances it’s pretty good! I will say figuring out who the villain is, is confusing.
Stan_ LittleMix
Stan_ LittleMix Жыл бұрын
@lps talkback what would you rate it on the scale of 1-10? I was just about to watch it with my family in a bit, but if its bad I wont watch it :/
FractalElf Жыл бұрын
Fittingly, the only franchise DC is actually getting right these days. Hyped for it, and having been a teen in the 80's curious to see how the "look back" works. Despite many attempts to deride the 80's it was actually a pretty cool time to be a young person. No Covid-19, no constant politicizing at every turn, and it was okay to do something "just for fun" still.
dave Mustaki
dave Mustaki Жыл бұрын
This movie looks awesome!!
Anon ymous
Anon ymous Жыл бұрын
This second trailer is definately my favourite out of all the trailers.
Christopher bossio
Christopher bossio Жыл бұрын
Hell yeah! So when is it being released?
Candy Ze queen
Candy Ze queen Жыл бұрын
Did... did I seriously get goosebumps from this
Mian Yaseen
Mian Yaseen Жыл бұрын
Her new Armour at the end was awesome
Ethan Webster
Ethan Webster 2 жыл бұрын
I love how Steve and Diana are flipped, now Steve is wandering a world he doesn't understand and Diana has to explain everything to him
Fior 2 жыл бұрын
Ethan Webster me too. That’s like one of the Most amazing aspects of it.
k frayser
k frayser 2 жыл бұрын
@Thread Bomb nope its due to the invention of the main villain... remember that after giving everyone what they want.. he's taking what he wants.
Thread Bomb
Thread Bomb 2 жыл бұрын
@Ganda Gandara Didn't you notice how she took out the security camera? My guess is the return of Steve is due to something supernatural, perhaps an act of the gods.
Sam Lincoln
Sam Lincoln 2 жыл бұрын
@Ganda Gandara he's got some grey in his hair so maybe he's a dementia patient
Sandra Жыл бұрын
I legit got goosebumps.
Juliana Braga
Juliana Braga Жыл бұрын
muito bom
Rezzo Kii
Rezzo Kii Жыл бұрын
😁She is breathtaking, WOW what a great movie ☺️👍
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali Жыл бұрын
Badass trailer 🔥 want this movie
bhl10 2 жыл бұрын
Wonder Woman is just ... greatness. The trailer has a Ragnarok-ish feel to it and the soundtrack is old skool
Nektar Meletakos
Nektar Meletakos 2 жыл бұрын
My wife has always insisted that a great cross over romance would be Wonder Woman and Thor....
Master Uxi
Master Uxi 2 жыл бұрын
The multicolored graphics as well. Poor DC.
AMIR 2 жыл бұрын
bhl10 agree with you but I still think there are other women who could be better Wonder Woman !
Myktybek Azhimatov
Myktybek Azhimatov 2 жыл бұрын
DC directors after watching Thor Ragnarok, be like “that’s what I am talking about”
Mobi Adam
Mobi Adam Жыл бұрын
This movie is going to be epic ♥️♥️♥️
Morzorla Elvis
Morzorla Elvis Жыл бұрын
Warner bros at it again, love movies reflecting the past❤
HMM? Жыл бұрын
Me too, but I think it's a lot more than that. I do not believe it's a coincidence that this movie shares it's title with George Orwell's book, 1984. All throughout the trailer I also believe there are many references to it. But in short, I have a feeling that this movie will be an attempt at actually reflecting the future. Much like George Orwell with 1984.
Ly Martinez
Ly Martinez Жыл бұрын
That's what I'm talking about wohooooo....can't wait to see it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar Жыл бұрын
Goosebumps 😗😗
Trolling Kid
Trolling Kid 2 жыл бұрын
Wonder Woman + Blue Monday = Perfection
Vanessa Manchester
Vanessa Manchester Жыл бұрын
this trailer is amazing!
Witchybird Жыл бұрын
Love the role reversal when Diana tells him it's a trash can compared to when he was explaining everything to her in the first film
ed brown
ed brown Жыл бұрын
Looks good can't wait to see it, The girl movies get all the good CGI and stories.
Nikki Chang
Nikki Chang Жыл бұрын
borikuarokero Жыл бұрын
Looks awesome!
Lomentigar Paolo
Lomentigar Paolo Жыл бұрын
It's good to see that WW will use her tiara as a weapon finally ❤💙💚💛💜
Tom Picker
Tom Picker Жыл бұрын
Film looks great. Hope the new superman and batman films follow suit
Aldin Alijagic
Aldin Alijagic Жыл бұрын
Aww yeah i watched 1st one I.can t wait for this I hope it had more action scenes Gal totally Rocks that is true if someone disagree tell me that to face.i dare.you
Dipto Mohammad Rimon Sadman
Dipto Mohammad Rimon Sadman 2 жыл бұрын
Another milestone for DCEU They have come a long way from justice league Loved the new Wonder Woman trailer. Hope it's gonna be epic. Can't wait
Ryuzaki Raiga
Ryuzaki Raiga 2 жыл бұрын
That's mean you didn't knew anything about DCEU. From meddling of studios, from comic book writer who want feigi type power, from producer who control the natratives. If you know about this, you will support #ReleaseSnyderCut
ziia_zoozoo🕊️ Жыл бұрын
I love the 80s. I think am gonna watch this movie.
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