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Where do lions come from? Uh duh, a holy God created them long ago, in the days of Genesis. And Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah, and is coming back soooon!! May we all be READY! Repent of your sins and receive Christ as Savior before it's too late!!!
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vayetse, and ginny are very beautiful lions, but all your lions are very beautiful, and happy.
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It’s always such a pleasure to see the friendship of a human with “wild” animals. This is the way God meant it to be and how it will be in the not too distant future. Although evolution is taught as a fact, it isn’t true at all. The fossil record supports creation, not evolution. The Bible tells us very clearly that God created all life on earth. (Genesis chapters 1 and 2) He created animals for our enjoyment. He even gave the first man, Adam, the task of naming all the animals. (Genesis 2:19, 20) Very shortly, he’s going to make some wonderful changes on the earth so that everyone can live together in peace and harmony with each other, our beautiful planet, and all life on it. (Isaiah 11:6-9)
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