Eat it and cry for joy! Nobody knows this recipe! Cook it and you will be happy!

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Rezepte von Roman

Rezepte von Roman

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Eat it and cry for joy! Nobody knows this recipe! Cook it and you will be happy!
Hello friends! Today I made an incredibly simple and beautiful recipe for creamy donuts. The dough turned out like a cloud! This is the most delicious pastry I have ever tasted! Nobody knows this trick. Give it a try, you only need a few ingredients and you can make this creamy donut recipe every day! How to make donuts with your own hands. It's very easy. I am sure you will like it! Cook with joy and love!
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Ingredients and recipe:
- Warm milk 350 ml (1.75 cups)
- Sugar 3 tbsp.
- Yeast 7 g (2 tsp)
- Baking powder 1 tbsp.
- Salt 1/2 tsp.
- Vinegar 9% 1 tbsp.
- Egg 1 piece.
1. Stir until all ingredients are dissolved
2. Cover and let rest for 15 minutes
- Flour 620-650 g (add in parts)
3. Stir with a spatula
- Soft butter 50 g (2.5 tbsp)
4. Knead the dough in a bowl for 3-4 minutes
5. Place the dough on the table and knead for 3-4 minutes
6. The dough should be smooth and not stick to your hands.
7. Grease a bowl with vegetable oil
8. Cover and let rise for 45-50 minutes.
9. The dough rose well, like a cloud!
10. Divide the dough into 12 equal parts.
11. Roll them into a ball.
12. Roll out each ball thinly. Repeat after me.
13. This is very simple, you will definitely succeed.
- Sugar 3 tsp.
- Cocoa 2 tsp.
14. Stir
- Melted butter 50 ml (2.5 tbsp)
15. Grease with butter
16. Sprinkle with cocoa and sugar
17. Fold as in the video and secure the edges
18. Pull out one end and insert the other
19. Repeat with me again: This is the easiest and cleanest way.
20. Close the seam and the donut is ready.
21. Place on baking paper to bake.
22. Do the same with the remaining pieces of dough.
23. Cover and let rise for 25-30 minutes.
- Egg yolk 1 piece.
- Milk 1 tbsp.
24. The donuts have risen, look how beautiful they are!
25. Apply with a brush
26. Sprinkle with sugar
27. Bake at 180°C (360°F) for 23-27 minutes.
28. Cover with foil or baking paper for the last 5-6 minutes to prevent burning.
29. Very nice donuts, especially when cut! Did you like the recipe?
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@sheetal1626 8 күн бұрын
0:36 and 1:29 super kitchen actions 😄, excellent recipe. 🙏
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Lo saludo desde misiones Argentina!!.
@valentinapaunescu 2 ай бұрын
Nota 10!
@GralisaMedina Ай бұрын
Felicito sus recetas se ven muy buenas,fácil y sabrosa
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To je idealno, hvala vam. U svakom slučaju, uživajte u obroku. Puno gledanje i sa pauzom/reklamom
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정말 먹음직스럽네요 감사합니다!!
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Buenisimo espero cuando lo haga salga igual
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Elinize sağlık güzel olmuş ,. Türkiye,den izliyorum
@NancyFleitas-bw2rd 2 ай бұрын
Mm ke riicooo!!lo voy hacer...
@Reneli_Cooking 2 ай бұрын
Wow, these donuts you made are unique and have a very soft texture. Thanks for sharing😊
@cdnnmonaakitchen8504 2 ай бұрын
Wow thanks for sharing from Canada subscriber❤
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Qué rico!!!si me gustó la receta muchas gracias un saludo para usted de Alicia de Argentina❤❤❤
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The texture looks so soft, will try
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Desde venezuela gracias por compartir🇻🇪
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Te veo desde España y me gusta como lo haces muchas gracias
@benburger2729 2 ай бұрын
Hi, I'm watching from South Africa
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Very good. Thank you so much. It's look very delicious. I will do tomorrow.
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@julietatristao9680 2 ай бұрын
Boa noite excelente receita adorei,você é demais. Falo aqui do Brasil..🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
@Bim2464 2 ай бұрын
Looks great..I would make this without the stuff inside
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Bravo wow❤❤❤
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Ótima sua receita
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España. Gracias
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Que buena pinta tienen , saludos desde España
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Harika olmuş ellerine sağlık
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Sei molto brava,ti guardo dall’ Italia
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Magnifique recette des buns au cacao et beurre ,ça doit être un delice miam-miam. Merci pour la présentation de la recette qui la rend toujours claire et précise 👏👍 c'est sûre je vais l'essayer très très bientôt, car patisser pour moi détend 😊from Belgium👍😉
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Amo suas receitas, essa ADOREI!!! Vou fazer, com certeza! Sou do BRASIL 🇧🇷 SP. 💝🌹💝
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Bravo dove la ricetta 😊
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Türkiye ellerinize sağlık harika görünüyorlar bende yapıyorum çok güzel oluyor❤❤
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Excelente 🇧🇷 RJ
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J adore vraiment c est à pleurer de chagrin que je les déguste pas de vos mains BRAVO et merci pour la recette
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Hla de argentina saludos😊😊
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Grüße dich 🥰 Tolles Rezept, gefällt mir gut, sieht schmackhaft aus😊 Danke! Viele Grüße Drea 👋🤗
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🎉ساجربها اعجبتني الوصفه انت رائع. اتابعك من فرنسا وانا من المغرب
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I watching from korea. it was very helpful. thank you.
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Bonjour j aime beaucoup vos recettes elles sont magnifiques merci beaucoup et je vous voies d ALGÉRIE
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Merci pour la recette
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Se puede amasar en amasadora?
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Hola: de catalunya. Amb podries dir quina farina as posat?. Moltes gràcies
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Seperti donat,bagaimana cara membuat donat yang lembut enak seperti di jCo atau dunkin'.saya dari indonesia
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Sizi İstanbul’dan izliyorum 👌👌👌
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Je vous regarde de l'Algérie
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Was für ein Kakao wird genommen ? Richtigen Kakao oder der, der zum kaba machen genommen wird ?
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De la simple brioche !!!
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Las piñas ph
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